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    Wintergrun Grove Estate is proud to be offering our horses to public breeding for the first opportunity. We have a variety of retired and still competing mounts across the main english disciplines. Our stable specializes in breeding fine and impressive KWPN lines as well as more versatile International Sport Horses and fine boned english style AQH's. We are however open to breedings with any breed and discipline of horse.
    At this time we are only opening our Warmbloods up for public stud and only a select few.
    If you find a stud who fits your fancy please comment, PM me on the forum or on slack and we can arrange a breeding!


    • Only registered mares will be allowed to breed to the studs
    • Trade's will be considered for fee's other than the price listed
    • I reserve the right to turn down a breeding
    • My price's are non-negotiable
    • Fee's must be made prior to file's being sent or BIY being made
    • Our prefix is only to be used on traditional breeding's
    • If you plan to re-sell the horse, contact me please as I will likely want to buy back
    • Activity is encouraged
    • Twin's are not allowed unless discussed and there will be an extra fee, as it is two breeding's
    • Traditional breeding's are an extra 5,000 (custom markings are available at request and for a fee)
    • Traditional breeding's will carry our prefix, WGE
    • The horse, it's coat or markings cannot be mass distributed
    • The coat and conformation cannot be changed, or used as a base for creating other horses
    • Our mares may be used at request, PM me for more information on the mares


    Our pricing is based off of a system

    • 1,000 for each bonus point
    • 5,000 base point for the breeding
    • 5,000 + cost if a traditional breeding


    Horses I've created can be seen HERE

    alt text
    Stallions Information
    PCRA Moonshadow
    alt text alt text
    SG Red Wings
    alt text alt text
    PCRA/FWEC Masterpiece
    alt text alt text
    WGE Rostizbach
    alt text alt text

  • Officially open and accepting applications :two_hearts:

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