Aurelion Estate

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    Aurelion Estate is a small Stud in the middle of Germany focusing on Breeding, Training and Showing Norwegian Warmbloods.

    A little History

    Early in the 20th Century Jonathan Richard Evans founded an Equestrian Centre in Sweden which soon picked up on the Showgrounds of the world. Specialized in Dressage, the Horses of the Stud brought a lot of fame and glory to the families name. Later on, the Breeding program for the Norwegian Warmblood started and was never abandoned since then.
    Jonathan Richard Evans married late in his life. He married his longtime girlfriend Mary in his 60ies after she already gave birth to two sons: Karl and James Evans. They didn't get along well and after the death of their father they parted. Karl Evans became the new Owner and Manager of Thorgrove while James founded an own Stud in Germany and called it Tyrlund.
    Some years went by as James finally had his first, and as we'll later know biggest and only, success. A big grey Horse called Aurelion bred, raised, trained and shown from Tyrlund became the biggest star of the Dressage Square. And this was the event, that brought the two of them back together. Not over Jealousy nor greed crossed their paths again butbecause of admiration and pride. They still couldn't get along very well but they kept in touch this time around.
    Sadly, Aurelions success was just a short chapter of this story, as he was poisoned soon after he reached the top of the leaderboard. At least, that was what James believed in. Noone could tell for sure why he died so suddenly as he was completly fine just some hours before it happened. In honor and Memory the Stud was renamed to Aurelion Estate but never lived up to his old glory again.
    Aurelion Estate was abandoned after James had died of old age, but was never sold.

    Now, in 2019, this shall be changed. The daughter of famous Horse trainer Andreas Evans called Kára Evans turned 18 and decided to take over the old stud in Germany and build it up again. But she won't be alone: Her brother Peter accompanies her as well as her step-sister Ellena. Despite their family situation the three of them get along well and have a solid plan to make themselves a name in the History of Riding.

  • AR Kontrast


    To kick off this Album we'll start with our one and only Stallion at the Stud (currently). 6 y/o Norwegian Warmblood called Kontrast will be shown in Eventing Classes by Peter Evans. Both are currently out for their first show and hopefully a successful one. Wish you a great Sunday <3

  • The Maine looks great 😍

  • Wow, wow, wow!

    He looks so stunning! 😍

  • Love mane and tail editing, so flashy!

  • I think you should give some honor to the dressage past of the stable as well :heart:

    Love the story and the horse! :D

  • @Mira-Green said in Aurelion Estate:

    The Maine looks great 😍

    Yeah right? Thank you <3 always takes a long time to untangle that mass xD

    @Ashley-Lamothe said in Aurelion Estate:

    Wow, wow, wow!

    He looks so stunning! 😍

    Thank you :)

    @Constantine-Vale said in Aurelion Estate:

    Love mane and tail editing, so flashy!

    [Thanks :D I'm really happy how it turned out...I am slowly getting content with my editing style yay ^^]

    @Lidija-Rotherford said in Aurelion Estate:

    I think you should give some honor to the dressage past of the stable as well :heart:

    Love the story and the horse! :D

    No worries there. We have a great prospect for Dressage as well but I couldn't stop my brother trying to get his foot onto the Eventing showgrounds. He trained in the Dressage Square his whole life and just talks himself into the thought, that he's not good enough for anyone...I hope he will find more joy in Eventing but I am sure he'll not turn his back fully on our family's passion. Ellena was always a Show Jumper, so there was no chance to bring her into our Dressage boots but I'll stick to it :) Maybe we'll find our next Aurelion along the way :D

    Thank you very much :)

  • AR Füchsin


    Some weeks ago we received our first ribbon. It might not be Place 1st or 2nd but we're still proud on our first achievement for our Stud. Ellena was more than happy and cuddled her mare non-stop after she got out of the arena while Füchsin herself looked pretty tired after the show. Füchsin is a 6 y/o Norwegian Warmblood mare who competes with Ellena Lindblad in Show Jumping.

    And, as we are posting this: Just a few days ago Kontrast placed with Peter 3rd place and therefore is our current Champion in the barn. :confetti_ball: Sadly our Dressage mare Nachtigall couldn't present herself for a long while now but we're hoping to change that soon. Stay tuned! And a lovely Sunday to y'all <3

  • That's such a sweet picture :) Congrats on the placings!

  • @Samantha-Jadirea said in Aurelion Estate:

    That's such a sweet picture :) Congrats on the placings!

    Thank you very much :hugging:

  • AR Nachtigall


    Last but not least in this little Introduction round, our Dressage Mare AR Nachtigall and me in a quite relaxed second after Training. You can tell that it must've been exhausting and I can assure you that it was. She has the potential to become a great dressage horse but she is still too hot-tempered and rather working with her own ideas than mine.
    Well, still a lot of work to do but moments like this let me hope for a good future with her. Have a wonderful sunday <3

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