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  • Cuteness overload

    Attention! We're interrupting the current program to show you the cuteness that happens to be our pasture situation at the moment!

    0_1567590663996_phunky, percy, wal.jpg

    Here you can see (from left to right) AR Funkenflug (AR Kontrast x AR Füchsin) aka Phunky, AR Persephone (AR Kontrast x AR Daenerys) aka Percy and AR Walküre (Springstar HMF x AR Traumstille) aka Wal playing around on the Filly pasture! Phunky already spotted the papparazzi but the others were pretty caught up in their playtime :D The mothers had a well-deserved break, grassing behind me XD

    On the Colt Pasture we have a quite similar picture: The mommies enjoy their freetime, eyeing their little ones from afar while the boys run around and have fun!

    0_1567590885670_abba and albtraum.jpg

    On the left: AR Abba (LMEC Rumour Has It x AR Neera) and by his side: AR Albtraum (AR Kontrast x AR Nachtigall) aka Alby!

    And a small note to my future self or to anyone who will take pictures of Foals in the future: Yes, treats help to get their attention but they'll also ruin your motive... :sweat_smile:

    0_1567590988878_abba und albtraum2.jpg

    Have a lovely day <3 And now excuse me...I need to go back to work, finally :sweat_smile:

    @Eowyn-Vance said in Aurelion Estate:

    What a gorgeous bunch of new horses! They've all got such lovely little heads :heart_eyes: it's hard to pick a favourite :thinking:

    ps. the hair

    Thank you so much :D Horse hair is the best :heart_eyes:

  • Aww, what little cuties! :heart_eyes:

  • Moderation Committee

    Cuteness overload indeed! Those foals are the cutest thing ever! :heart_eyes:

  • Hello There

    "I can't believe our Cousins Stable closed down", Peter kicked a rock into the grass. "Me neither. At the last gathering she seemed pretty confident that the stud is away from all the trouble it had", she answered. "So, we're really calling our family meet-ups "gatherings" now?", Peter commented in an amused tone. "Why not? To me it always feels off. Probably because I'm the Black Sheep", she thought out loud. "Yeah probably", Peter agreed. "You know Kára always says you're a sensible guy...I don't get that kinda vibe", she replied after a pause making Peter laugh and ending the short talk.

    They arrived at the parking lot and did not wait long until Aiden pulled up with a truck pulling a trailer. "And the last one finally arrived! What was his name again?", Peter asked. "Crataegus", Ellena answered smirking at Peter who pulled a face hearing that, "It's latin for Hawthorn." "Sure thing", he said. Ellena starred at him for a second: "No really it does." But Peter was already trotting towards the backend of the trailer, helping Aiden to unload the grey hunk of a horse.

    He backed out quickly, almost stumbling upon his own feet. "Pretty clumsy for an 11 year old Jumper", Peter comments making Aiden giggle who closed the ramp again. And as soon as Aiden got into the truck and drove off, Peter pulled his phone out and announced: "Time for some pictures." "Oh please don't", Ellena practically tears the leadrope out of Peters hands who didn't hold on too firmly as he's distracted by something on his phone, looking concerned. "Everything alright?", Ellena asked. "Yeah, yeah sure", Peter stopped and let his halfsister walk some steps towards the Newbie barn. "Turn around!", he calls but Ellena ignored him. "Ellie! Or I'll shoot butt pictures", with that she finally turned around and smiled towards Peter who stood there holding his phone up and she waited and waited and waited. As suddenly she was hit by thought: "You're taking a video aren't you?"

    Peter started grinning brightly as she turned away, pretty annoyed. "I thought I'll never see you annoyed by anything", he says as he packed his phone away and walked up towards her. And there it was again: Ellenas bright smile: "Idiot."



    @Alexander-Westerberg said in Aurelion Estate:

    Aww, what little cuties! :heart_eyes:

    Yeah right!? :heart_eyes:

    @Anna-Hertler said in Aurelion Estate:

    Cuteness overload indeed! Those foals are the cutest thing ever! :heart_eyes:

    I'd spend the whole day on the pastures just to watch 'em play. It's so darn cute :heart_eyes: But they're growing real fast, sadly. :cry:

  • Loved the writing bit, it was really cute haha! Shame for their cousins' stables, atleast a big stunner came out of it! Crataegus is a beautiful boy

  • Black Beauty?

    I love my girl AR Nachtigall from the bottom of my heart. And it was a hard decision to give her to one of our new riders to focus on the yearlings that now slowly grow up, all the new arrivals and the paperworks that come with them. But, after seeing them win their class at the latest Dressage show and how they've done it....I truely feel a bit better about it.

    She now has received her second Dressage title and I couldn't be more proud of her! Maybe Klara will be able to get her the bucking phases she has from time to time out of her head.

    But for now, they'll celebrate their achievement.


    @Marquis-Moulin said in Aurelion Estate:

    Loved the writing bit, it was really cute haha! Shame for their cousins' stables, atleast a big stunner came out of it! Crataegus is a beautiful boy

    Thanks a lot :D She had a lot of debts...as hard as it sounds but we were impressed how long she was able to keep going. Wishing her all the best now to her and her family <3

  • Chapter One

    Hello everyone!
    A lot of things happened the past weeks...and I mean it this time: A whole hell lot.
    It should have been the happiest day of my life and it was - until it turned into the worst day of my life.

    It took some time for me to get my mind sorted but I think I can finally write down what happened and share my story with you. So For now, let’s begin with my wedding day.

    (The following posts will contain a story that will change the way you know the stud and the people you know so far. The changes will be permanent and you should really not visit my website before you read it, otherwise you might see spoilers.
    I decided to keep it as a third person story as it’s more comfortable to read in my eyes. So don’t be too confused as the introduction was written first person, as it usually is (The scrappy is updated by Kára herself) Also: I might add pictures later but rn I haven't received my sim for now :sweat_smile: - So now: Enjoy!)

    The Wedding Day

    “Never thought I’d do it again”, Kára whispered staring into her reflection in the mirror. “I think he thought so as well”, Ellena was just about to finish clipping the veil into her hair.

    “No, he didn’t”, Kára assured her, “Where’s Peter?” “I don't know”, Ellena answered amused. “Oh please don’t let him do shenanigans today...It needs to be perfect, for once!”, Kára pleaded her sister who nods understandingly and takes her into a careful embrace to not destroy anything on her dress nor her hair.

    “I’ll make sure of that. No worries!”, she says and jumped to the door to leave but she seemed to stumble into someone as Kára heard a deep well known voice.
    She turned around and looked into her best friend Stephens eyes who shone bright as he saw her. Káras face lit up and she stepped down off the podest she’s been standing on for quite a while now to get ready. “Wow”, he said simply as they hug, “You look absolutely breathtaking.” “Thank you, you too!”, she answered straightening his jacket afterwards. “How are you feeling?”, he asked furthermore. “Good so far. A little nervous”, she says, “But you know how it will be: I’ll be a train wreck when you lead me towards the altar.” “It will be a pleasure to accompany you, even as a train wreck”, they laughed.

    It felt a bit like a Déjà-vu. All that had happened already in another life, Kára remembered. Another life with another man that ended sooner than expected. But Kára pushed these thoughts away. Out of her mind. Out of her reach. Today is the day, she’ll start over.

    “Did he call at least?”, Stephen asked. “Not yet. I’m not even sure he knows I’m getting married again.” “I’m sure he’ll call you later”, Stephen reassured her. “You really hope my dad will someday change for the better huh?”, Kára looked at him with pity in her eyes, “He won’t. You remember my cousin with money problems? She lost everything just a few weeks back while he flew to Denmark to train a horse, recieving a fine paycheck over a hundred thousand euros. Please lose your faith in him, it’s a lost case. Gosh, he didn’t even make it to any of my weddings...My mother at least attended the first one.”

    Silence. Stephen put his arm around her but he knew she didn’t need comfort as she’s used to it. He just couldn’t help himself to feel sorry for her.

    And just as he wanted to start to speak up, she asked him, to just let the topic rest for today: “We can speak about it tomorrow as long as you want. But for now I want to enjoy my wedding day, okay?” He started smiling and nodded in agreement, making Kára beam like the sun: “I am so happy to finally see you again! It’s been ages!” “Me too, what was the last time we’ve met? Was it that Competition in Aachen?”, he tried to remember. “It sure was!”, she agreed.

    The next hours passed like a dream sequence. Stephen lead her to the altar where she stood right next to James who awaited her patiently but even he seemed at least a little nervous. To her right stood her bridesmaid Ellena who both looked lovely in her pink dress.

    Then the priest talked and talked and, finally, they spoke their vows, signed the contract and left the church with the applause of their friends and family. Just to be ambushed by photographs waiting to take their perfect picture on the staircase of the church.

    A horse carriage, of course, brought them to a restaurant and after the guests arrived they ate and danced the night away until they headed home.

    Or what had remained of that.

    Káras little family sat in the car. Peter and Ellena on the backseat and Kára with her husband James driving in the front. The other guests took a hotel rooms in the nearby city.

    Kára, as usually, faced the backseat, talking to Peter, making jokes and pulling faces while Ellena could barely hold it in.

    James’ serious voice ripped her out of the dream: “Kára.” She turned around and saw the giant dark cloud that rose into the sky just a few miles in front of them. They knew that there was nothing than the stud ahead. Kára’s face froze and the inner of the car turned silent while James accelerates.

    As they come closer the smoke filled the air and made the view difficult. Kára had already called the fire department but it turned out someone already informed them earlier and they’re already there but the fire can’t be controlled. They also got told to don’t come closer as the smoke is really thick and dangerous.

    So James stopped the car to turn around but Kára jumped out along with Peter who immediately started running towards the, now already visible, orange glow of flames. “I’ll be safe no worries. I just need to make sure that everyone’s safe too”, she explains. James vetoed but Kára’s mind wasn’t to be changed and Ellena helped her even though she didn’t seem quite comfortable with that either. Finally he agreed and drove Ellena and himself out of there, trying to find a hotel to spend the night.

    Kára now ran after her brother, pulling up her wedding dress that slowly turned greyer the further she runs. Soon she saw the blue flashing lights of the firefighter cars and asked them out: Where was everyone? Where are the horses? Is everyone okay? Can she help?

    They told her that her employees had rescued the horses and brought them to the paddock that was the farest away where they were safe. The employees themselves where there as well. But as he said that he didn’t seem to bring out the full truth so she asked what was wrong. He took his time before he said: “We think that one of them might be still in there.” Kára looked at him, horrified. She looked at the buildings she could see from here. The flames bursted out of every window she could see. Flames licking the wooden planks of the barn that soon will fall apart.

    “I’m sorry”, he said then, “You should leave too.” He pulled down his mask again waved one of his colleagues and left. As the other man tried to get her away she fell out of her freeze and started screaming for Peter who had blindly ran into all that chaos. The man asked her whats wrong and she told him about her foolish brother. He promised her to find him and bring him somewhere safe but for now she had to leave otherwise she’ll get sick.

    With tears smeared all over her face she was carried away by two other guys who had to wrestle her down as she didn’t listen to the man.

    She felt dizzy. Far, far away from reality. And heard the sirens of the ambulance just as a dull background noise.

  • Chapter Two


    She woke up in a blending white room which luckily turned out to be the hospital, not heaven. Her husband sitting next to her bed, holding her hand with a serious look in his face.

    He didn’t look at her. He had his eyes closed and his forehead was wrinkled as he was mumbling something.

    The one who realized she was awake again was Stephen who basically jumped into the room, excited and relieved all together.

    James was startled but then smiled as relieved as the other.

    “I am fine. No worries”, she said. And she really was, except for a minor headache she felt good. That was also what the doctor was saying as he controlled her well being and so he let her go, making sure to make them understand that they should immediately come back if something’s wrong.

    They agreed.

    But before they left the hospital the two of them lead Kára to another room where Ellena jumped into her arms. “It’s so good to see you walking around again!”, she said but Kára’s mind was already somewhere else as she had seen who laid in the bed behind her.

    Peter's skin was so pale she thought she’s looking at a ghost. She stumbled towards him sat down on the edge of the bed. “He’s unconscious since we arrived but the Doctor’s said he’ll be alright. It just takes time”, summed Ellena up.
    Kára nodded: “Okay. Did they say anything else to you?” “About what?”, she asked confused. “One of the firefighters told me that”, she sighed, “that one of our staff was still inside as I got there.”

    Ellena stared at her for a few seconds, she seemed as she’s not believing the thing she just heard. The two guys also looked shocked and the silence in the room was only broken by the peeping of Peter’s monitor.

    “No”, Ellena said, “they said nothing about any of that.” “Okay”, Kára swallowed hard. “I know that’s not the thing you want to hear, my dear, but we have to leave”, James said, getting a stinky eye of both Ellena and Stephen but Kára agreed while staring at Peter and squeezing his hand: “Yes, we need to find a place to stable the horses.”

    She kept sitting a few seconds longer and as she finally stood up she turned towards Ellena already opening her mouth to say something as Ellena was faster: “I’ll keep you up to date.” “Thank you”, she said, hugging her half sister again.

    Then the three of them left. James already telling Kára that he’d found something to stay in temporarily. It’s a stud for sale but as far as noone is buying it they could stay there had the salesman assured him. Kára agreed on that and contacted the staff to load the horses and bring them there.

    She found it weird that no one said anything about the fact that one of her staff members might be dead. So, maybe it wasn’t true. Maybe everyone was fine. The doctors said nothing, the staff told her nothing either. It was just the firefighter who said that but maybe he was misinformed. Maybe he got away without them noticing?

    Before Kára climbed into James’ car Stephen had to say goodbye. He needed to drive home and go to work. His train actually drove off without him in the morning as he had to walk the hospitals corridor back and forth but now, as everything seemed to have settled and she is well and safe, he decided to finally head back.

    Kára insisted to bring him to the train station, so James’ drove them there before they headed east.

    They hugged tight and long before they said each other goodbye and waved until they were out of each other’s sight.

    Then they headed onto the highway, driving through the fields, grasslands and forests of germany to their new temporary home.

    James’ pulled into the entrance of the stud, marked by a sign with “Arthursburg” written on it.

    There were already traces of tires so they believed everyone else had already arrived.

    And they were. Just a few horses were tied onto the poles outside of the barn and waited patiently as they drove onto the parking lot of the main building.

    Katharina was the first one to see them arrive and jumped right into Kára’s arms as she reached her. “Is everything okay? Everyone alright?”, Kára asked and felt a shiver going down her spine as she felt Katha’s head shaking on her shoulder.

    As they parted, Katha’s face was serious but she was nowhere near tears.

    Arthur looked different as he fell into her arms. His eyes were swollen red and his cheeks were still wet, even though he didn’t cry anymore, at least before they hugged. While that he started sniffing again.

    “What happened? They told me barely anything”, she repeated as she hugged Chris who looked sad but also quite tense.

    Arthur sobbed. She had never seen him like that before. He excused himself and practically escaped into the main building.

    The others came to hug her, too. Alex, Klara, Emma, Ben, Waiola, Nastassia...Aiden? “Where’s Aiden?”, she asked worried as the others let their heads sink.

    “He didn’t make it out of the barn”, Chris said in a weird tone. He sounded sad but also...angry. Kára’s eyes filled themselves with tears. “I’m so so sorry”, she said. “Why? It’s not your fault? It’s no one's fault”, Alex said. “It is for sure someone’s fault”, Chris said now truly angry, “Someone has started the fire and Aiden’s death is on him!” “No one laid a fire! It was a warm day and we just had the fresh hay in, the sun probably fell in a good angle into the window and started it”, Waiola said irritated by Chris’ words, who now wanted to argument back but James interrupted them: “Enough! That doesn’t matter right now. For now, we need to take care of the things we have left.”

    They nodded in agreement and headed back to the things they were doing before without another comment, except for Chris who stared at him angrily and said: “It matters. To me, it does”, before he left as well.

    Kára took a deep breath, closed her eyes and broke into tears as she felt her husbands arms around her.


    So, yeah still no pictures but I can't hold myself back. So have another Chapter! Hope you enjoy the ride so far and please feel free to comment your opinion and/or also criticism! Have a lovely day <3

  • Distraction

    RME Lost in Time ( @Zinnia-Arvi ) was one of our Newbies at the Stud before the fire happened. Luckily he was out on the paddock far away from it, so he barely had any stress that time except for the long travel to the new stables.

    He was already scheduled to attend a Ridden Showing Event nearby as his and Emma's first attempt of showing together and despite all the chaos, we decided to still send them to the show grounds to gather experience together before they go back to their Eventing course. And, for Emma, it was truly a much welcomed Distraction.

    It was a lovely day for autumn and even tough the beginning was rough, as he spooked because of a plastic bag and almost got kicked by another horse, Emma managed to calm him down and to start the class quite calmly.

    As we've no experience in this discipline we're not that certain about the results but in our opinion: The team did a good job!

    RME Lost in Time at the Challenge with Emma Ratzenberger

  • Chapter Three

    A sad truth?

    Days passed. The people and their horses got used to their new surroundings. The normal schedule slowly fell back into place.
    Arthur just finished cleaning his saddle as Katha entered the barn looking to get her saddle ready.
    “Good to see you back on track”, she said after a short greeting. “That’s an exaggeration I believe”, Arthur replied and after a small break he added: “I almost died there Katha. I would have died if it wouldn’t be for Aiden. He saved me and the top floor crashed on him instead.”

    Silence filled the air once again. “It was pretty rough indeed”, Katha replied then as she was about to pull her saddle from the rack. But Arthur seemed to have a problem with her words as he stopped her midway: “What is it with you that you’re so cold and stone hearted? A colleague - A FRIEND of us died in there!” “I am not cold hearted, Arthur! I think it’s as horrible as you think it is. No one should die like that! Bu-”, she cut herself off but had already awakened Arthurs interest: “BUT?”

    She sighed and pushed the saddle a bit further on to the rack again.

    “Did you know that Aiden smoked? Quite frequently actually…”, she remarked calmly, observing the expression on Arthur's face turning sour, disbelieve rising in his eyes as he even refused to speak out what she was suggesting: “You think he started the fire? Why the - He slept for a whole while in the hay store and it never happened anything but you accuse him of lighting the place on fire!?”

    “By accident. Also I don’t accuse him, I just thought about the possibility”, she defended herself, “I know you hold him in high regards for what he’s done to you but don’t forget that he wasn’t that much of an angel before.”

    “You never liked him, I got that but I never thought you downright hated him!”, he said bitterly. “I did not hate him! Also, while we were at it: You didn’t like him particularly either before he played your hero. So don’t play the saint!”, she pulled the saddle of the rack pushing Arthur away by swinging the saddle to his side.

    “At least I don’t spread accusations of utterly ridiculousness about a dead man!”, Arthur shouted after her as she left the barn again.

    Gotta say: Yes yes I know that the chapters are lacking pictures but rn I barely have time for anything...I am sorry. Life is busy. However, hope you enjoy the writing bits as well - I do, I'm kinda into some Drama (What a terrible thing to admit xD). However, see you soon <3

    Also: be warned there are lots of pretty pons coming for ya

  • PR Committee

    I finally found your blog :star: I dived straight into the wedding story ((also, I really need to say how much I love another story-telling blog!)) We just don't have enough of them and this is just so wonderful, I just wanted to reach through and hug Kára on her wedding day. And maybe take a slice of wedding cake too :innocent:
    And the :fire: :scream: Wasn't really prepared to read such a gripping story so late at night but how well you wrote that and again, I just wanted to give some much needed support to Kára. Also, I'm very glad this had the next chapter because no way could I not know what happened next :see_no_evil:
    I'm glad Kára pulled through, but poor Peter still being stuck in that hospital room. But poor Aiden! I like the way this is going - was it an accident? Was it on purpose? Will there ever be wonderful pictures to accompany this wonderful story? Please keep going no matter what, this is truly amazing <3

  • Hey it's sweet old Lost in Time!! The picture you've taken of him is sooo lovely, he and his rider look so elegant. :heart:
    I love to see that you're writing. I love blogs where people write and tell stories. It's so fun and interesting to learn and get to know other people's characters and horses. Please keep going with your writing! :heart:

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