Monarch Equestrian I Updt. June 3rd

  • Welcome to my impression album!
    Again. Sorry for that.
    Here you will find all the events that go on around the stable, daily and competition pictures.
    If from some reason my host (or my brain) is dead again please visit my WEBSITE

    Parting with this community even for a moment is harder than I thought and seems I cannot live without seeing the pictures of some of you guys. Leaving the topic of my activity behind [buahaha!] will try to set myself here a cozy nest and see if I'm tough enough to keep it running smooth.
    Winter pics will be added, promise.

  • Just a small proof that I'm still alive, beautiful treke gelding I've purchased long time ago from @Danielle-Maddox, HRST Merciless.


    By the way, I want to announce that Autumn Woods is gone now and welcome warmly Monarch Equestrian. Just my little whim :wink:

  • Missed your pretty pics and pons! Love both the previous AW and current ME ❤

  • Oh he is so stunning <3 love love love him :heart_eyes:

  • Mercy! :heart_eyes: Great to see him again! :heart:

  • Dragonborn

    Gorgeous Foxberry's Dragonborn, recently bought from @Callixta-Rosella, posing patiently with Ava and my two dogs.

  • He's very beautiful I love that picture with the dogs. They are gorgeously fluffy :)

  • PR Committee

    Awww yay it's nice to see Dragonborn arrived safely - and he remembered to pack all his markings too :blush: I adore the doggies, look at how fluffy they are :heart_eyes:

  • x

    Our impatient TB gelding, Modern Romeo. He lost right eye due to an accident in the stable.

  • he is an amazing horse

  • @Ian-Salvatore Indeed, thank you!

    Random Theme Challenge entry featuring myself and Blu Blanc Rouge LX, my lovely tb gelding kindly made by @Ariadne-Waters

    . . .
    "A silence with you is not a silence. But a moment rich in peace."
    Leonard Nimoy

  • All these poppy pictures! Can I ask what the inspiration was? :D

  • this is so so beautiful! the atmosphere <3

  • don't tease me like this! I need a full picture of him!

  • !! Look at him! All snuggled up with Constantine, fitting in already...-

    alt text

    I daresay he'd be loving it, basking in that warm sunlight on the beach. Certainly a nice change from the cold, dim and gloomy place he came from. :laughing: Seriously though I can't believe how fast you got him into a photoshoot (!!) and I know I said it already but I'm really happy to have sent you a horse; it's a touching thing to know it has gone to a place it shall be treasured. <3 I can't wait to see the rest of the adventures Constantine and the team have with Blu.

  • @Regina-Walker At first I wanted to take a picture of Blu sleeping in the poppies. Many, many pictures were taken. And then I tought to take him to the beach nearby - he loves beach and to roll in the sand, and while I was walking with him in the sunset an idea came to me head, “Hey! Maybe beach would work better?” And so it is… something nice happened by accident, by itself, naturally. Like many things on this planet, I think ;)

    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Thank you :heart:

    @Eowyn-Vance evil grin patience my dear, patience. I'm going to reveal this beauty soon ;)

    @Ariadne-Waters keep an eye on us ;)

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