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    Welcome to my service!
    Oak Construction Team is a company run by Jason Oak & co. that specializes in equestrain realted buildings.
    Jason is a young architect and the company is quite new, but it already has many projects (over 20!) completed with very satisfied clients, that include:

    • barns, from small to large
    • indoor arenas
    • outdoor arenas
    • pastures
    • cattle pens and shelters
    • whole facility layout design (2+ lots)

    The company knows what a barn means for the client: a dreamy place where it can keep its horses safe, oversee their care, working hard and good. It's a place for business, fun, working on your goals, where memories are made and champions are formed.

    We've designed facilities for a nice range of disciplines and pursuits, and for farms of all sizes. If you are looking for something like this, you are in the right place, either if you are looking for a small lot pasture to a professional stable.

    Here are some examples.

    Brick and wood barn - 32 stalls

    0_1554827461538_1-1.jpg 0_1554827474130_1-2.jpg 0_1554827484820_1-3.jpg

    Foaling barn shell - 6 stalls

    0_1554827563678_2-1.jpg 0_1554827573216_2-2.jpg 0_1554827581969_2-3.jpg

    Indoor arena - 50x50

    0_1554827616060_3-1.jpg 0_1554827624681_3-2.jpg

    Western barn- 8 stalls

    0_1554827655510_7-1.jpg 0_1554827681586_7-2.jpg 0_1554827692136_7-3.jpg

    White barn - 10 stalls

    0_1554827748259_5-1.jpg 0_1554827758750_5-2.jpg 0_1554827770550_5-3.jpg

    Irish- 22 stalls

    0_1554827822836_9-1.jpg 0_1554827831306_9-2.jpg 0_1554827841155_9-3.jpg

    Example of facilities design

    0_1554827888325_4-1.jpg 0_1554827898051_6-1.jpg 0_1554827922633_8-1.jpg

    More examples: on my facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/sophie.oak.56/photos_albums?lst=100006017771780%3A100006017771780%3A1554825072


    • Do not claim as your own work
    • Do not re-upload for download
    • Don't use it as template for an other lot
    • You can ask for any changes while i build, unless it clearly changes the original plan you asked for
    • Once the lot is yours you are free to change anything you want (decorations, colors ecc)
    • I will send the lot after your sent the payment with the CC list, i can't guarantee i will be able to track everything down but i will do my best. Be aware that i have all the EP!
    • It usually take me up to 10 days to make a lot, depending on my free time.
    • Tag me in facility pictures, i love seeing them used!
    • If i don't see the lot used, of you no longer want it, or i feel that the rules are broken i reserve the right to take it back and resell
    • I also reserve the right to decline a request if i don't feel confortable with it or for other reasons - don't take offence if your request is not accepted

    WHAT I DO:

    • barns, from small to large
    • indoor arenas
    • outdoor arenas
    • pastures
    • cattle pens and shelters


    • houses
    • show jumping/cross country ecc courses (placing obstacles; i have 0 experience with that)
    • 2+ lots facilities design (at least for now)

    I am looking for these form of payments, in order of preference:

    • custom markings, appaloosa preferred
    • coats
    • custom poses
    • equus money

    Feel free to contact me if you have other offering, we can talk about it!
    To apply fill this form:

    Your name:
    Your request:
    EPs you have:
    What can you offer (and examples of your work):
    How do i contact you:

    I am taking 2 requests for now and see how this goes. You can either fill the form here, send me a PM or contact me on slack and facebook :)


    Requests i accepted and i am working at:

    • Marc Sanders
    • Ronan Dhall

  • this looks amazing, man i am Concidering as i need a Barn! hmm

  • Your name: Marc Sanders
    Your request: Quarenteen Barn/Vets office/Rehab Stable (Kinda a mix? if any of this makes since)
    EPs you have: Pets, Generations,Showtime, Late Night, World Adventures, Supernatural,
    What can you offer (and examples of your work): Pack of appy markings
    How do i contact you: Facebook/Slack/Here whichever is easier for you ;D

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