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    Registered Horses: 126
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    Stallions: 66 | Geldings: 7 | Mares: 66
    Combined Driving: 7 | Draft Horse Showing: 4 | Dressage: 20 | Endurance: 5 | Eventing: 48 | Field Hunting: 27 | Halter: 1 | Hunter Paces: 14 | Pony Show Hunter: 1 | Puissance: 11 | Ridden Showing: 8 | Show Hunter: 67 | Show Jumper: 27 | TREC: 3 |
    Montréavila Valley is home to the Ioke Lake Equestrian Centre, and Ioke Lake Kennels and hunting grounds.

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    Stable Rundown 11/04/2019
    Hunter Pacing Those Forests 11/04/2019
    Check in At Home 11/04/2019

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    Alamosa Hunter Trials.

    It could have been any Paces challenge, Ae-Cha thought, as she urged Carter Seven IK over the well-traveled ground. Jeff had been going well, pacing himself against CE Maple Leaf the entire trial. Not knowing the peak time was always difficult, but as long as she kept Jeff even and they both had fun, it wouldn't matter in the long run. It helped that they had Carina Paris, their new English Foxhound, who at only six months, was still learning the ropes - and was in desperate need of a good haircut. Still, the five of them were currently having a great time, and Ae-Cha was almost able to pretend this was just another trial.

    Except that today, Jeff was close to grabbing his National Champion title, and she'd worked too hard to see this pass her by. Behind her, she could hear Aline urging Justin along behind her. Both horses were close to retiring, and Ae-Cha would be sad to see that happen, and both were determined to have their boys achieve the best title they could.

    Aline had suffered a setback in Hawk, who'd been taken lame just before the competition, and injuries had beset the team for weeks. If Ae-Cha and Aline could pull off a close time and get those points, their horses would both title out before their retirement, and earn those sugar cubes she was sure the vet would talk her out of giving them eventually. They deserved a good long rest in their paddocks, maybe taking a jump now and again through the Montréavila forest. Throwing her attention back into the trial, Ae-Cha rounded the next bend and took off for the jump with renewed enthusiasm. They could do this.

    As Ae-Cha, Aline, Jeff and Justin thundered towards the end of the course, Paris darting between their heels, they'd hit close enough to the time that Jeff hit his title, and Justin was only eight points shy.

    Next time, Aline thought, giving Justin a concillatory pat on the neck.

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    SO MANY of my OG horses are nearing retirement and deserve a rest, but they're also so CLOSE to getting their titles. I'm so excited. They've been Hunter Pacing it since the beginning and I'm so proud :>

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    Hey everyone! So I'm back with a new update. I keep changing how I wanna do this, but I think I've found my groove with this one, so I'll definitely be introducing you to ALL of my horses! I know, a big ask. For now, have some of the foals who are all grown up - and my newest acquisitions!
    alt text <-
    So I promised @Lidija-Rotherford a picture of a grown-up Checkmate Electric IK out of Chess L by her RFE Electrostatic. She's a gorgeous girl and she's definitely taking after her sire in the show jumping arena. Her temperament could do with an improvement, but she's perfect at doing what you need from her, and I hope she'll make a great addition to my Hunting team.

    alt text
    Buckie clearly forgot how to ride in this picture (that's what you get for letting him ride on his own), but Black Widow IK looks beautiful in this shot. Out of two of my horses (CE Maple Leaf and Diamond Dancer IK ) but with lines from two great horses, SAEC The Dark Knight and SAEC Milo, she is a beauty in the hunter ring, whether show or field. I've been trying to expand my Show Hunters, and I'm sure she's gonna do GREAT.

    alt text
    Apparently, we leave our horses out with their tack on (oops), but this dejected looking girl has only just started to work under saddle, and though she's not particularly keen, she's good. So here's hoping Cygnus A doesn't end up like her sire, Sagittarius A, who's a terror when he wants to be. Thankfully her dam, Sunset Juliette IK, is a darling in the ring, so if she could pick up traits from her dam instead, we'd be golden.

    alt text
    Finally, a tactkless horse (hahaha that's funny but probably only to me). This handsome man has lines that go right back to MSE Starry Night, through my own stallion Matter of Mayhem, and his dam, FTCS Livin' On A Prayer from SAEC Weapon of Choice, will be going up for sale soon! Prayer for the Damned IK is a looker, sure, but he has a tendency to be pushy and a bully. He was gelded recently, so we've put him in with one of our mares to see whether he takes on some of her serene nature. I hope so :>

    alt text
    This, then, is that serene mare! Zeta Cheret IK has one of my favorite coats, tbh, and that's all thanks to her sire, @Annalena-Voigt 's Omicron NC, who of course, has some of my fave blood from @Kajsa-Asplund 's beeeeeautiful horses. If you know me, you know I covet NC bloodlines a LOT (especially if they're from Antritt) but Omicron is one of my favourites and I was so grateful for the breeding. Out of CE Renoir, a recent purchase, Zeta is going to make a good addition to my herd. I CAN FEEL IT IN MY BONES.

    alt text
    Zeta and Prayer chilling in the field. Prayer's eating the actual ground, so I think there might be a level discrepancy there, but NM.

    alt text
    I recently went on a spending spree, to get some new blood into my stock. This here is one of those horses. GAHS Azale from @Billie-Sparrow is an Arabian mare, who I haven't yet trained towards a discipline. Most of my Arabians are endurance or Show Hunting, so we'll have to see which of those she takes to!

    alt text
    Also from Billie, this is CHEC Pandora's Box. She's taking a while to settle in, but I have no doubt she'll make a wonderful addition to our jumping team! I keep drooling over her coat and thinking how beautiful she's gonna look over those jumps! I have no idea why I acquired her, actually, considering I'm about to put the majority of my show jumpers up for sale, but gosh, do I adore her already!

  • Oh well, yes, Soaring Voltage (Electro's dad) was behaved horribly and all his colts besides Electro are absolutely hot and spicy and difficult to handle (top, top jumpers though). So sadly it seems she took after her grandpa :rofl:

  • @Lidija-Rotherford this makes so much sense! i will just have to blame the grandpa! :eyes:

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