[Wanted] Show Jumper & Show Hunter Courses

  • I am looking for someone willing to build me 1 64x64 Show Jumper course, with a mix a jump sizes, doesn't need decorated just jumps accurately placed. I have zero knowledge of this or would attempt to make one myself, So looking for someone with some experience to do this for me.

    I am also in need of a Show Hunter course, just like the one above, a mixture of jump sizes, 64x64 lot

    I also ask that any cc used be provided, I am willing to pay your asking price for both of these lots.

  • If you don't find someone to make this for you, I'd suggest looking back at the old forum and downloading some of the lots provided with the HJC T shows. The courses are all realistic and accurate, and come with course maps so you know which way to 'jump' them... they also link all the CC you need for it :sunglasses: they wont be the most up to date, but very useful!

  • @Eowyn-Vance do you happen to have the link for the old site? I don't have it bookmarked anymore and wasn't sure that it was still up.

  • this link works for me; https://equus.community/forum/
    if you search through the HJC show archives most of them have lots, the older ones have less CC but are still good.

    edit; think they are all linked here! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cX7EQ-ZMreA3H_NkQV2ED5DatHdqqkZB0j2sY9pqtns/edit

  • If not, I think I still have them on google drive from when I was on the HJC team and can dig for them later. Note that the hunter courses were usually not 64x64. They are nice for working off of, even if you replace the jumps with another size / jump. I probably at least have the show hunters lots I made for them.

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