Zinnia's Photobook | Cookie's and Cream (09/19)

  • Dove, an Arrival, and a Sunset. Part I.

    Dove and Elsie walked, trotted, cantered, and passaged (Dove's favorite) around the arena. Their instructor Phillipe sipped a glass of his rich Merlot, seeming a little more relaxed after each sip. Phillipe instructed Elsie strictly but always softened when it came to the horse. He, well.. Isn't a "traditional" trainer. His focus is completley on the horse's wellbeing, and movement. He tolerates no negativity thrown towards the horse. His knowledge runs deep. His 50 years of experience working with horses in France, Italy, and Austria has taught him a few things. One of his favorite horse's to watch and work with is Dove. This Palomino mare, who seems to have adventured out of a fairytale, has a way of capturing and holding people's hearts.
    Sitting on the sidelines, was Elsie's new close friend, Eve. As Eve watched her friend ride she allowed the sun to soak into her skin. She ate a fig and a piece of bread that was being offered at the little table. She watched as the palomino blob took shape as the mare came closer at a steady and controlled passage. Eve examined up and down. She watched as each time Dove's diagonal legs landed, her relaxed ears would flop a bit. Looking down, Eve noticed the intensity in the haunches (Dove has always had the habit of engaging her hind end very well). In the passage, Eve would catch glimpses of the tiny veins running through the two dancing hind legs. Occasionally a pesty fly would land somewhere on Dove's sensitive area's causing her tail to swish, rather elegantly at that. However, other times Elsie would make a mistake in her riding, or accidentally catch her mare's mouth during the more fiery movements, and this would cause an angry upwards swish.
    At 18:26 the lesson was over. Elsie patted her golden mare while discussing her riding and her plans with Phillipe. In a matter of ten minutes Phillipe was leaving, walking slowly back to stables and to his vehicle. Elsie did a few stretches to relax her own body. She noticed her friend sitting at the one little table, probably sleeping.
    "Hey there!" Elsie called out as she awkwardly threw her glove, which just landed on Eve's shoe. It sparked two different feelings in the girls, embarrassment and amusement. "Isn't it a beautiful evening?"
    "Yep, it's pretty peachy! Was Phillipe drinking wine?"
    "Oh yeah, he always has one glass of Merlot during his lessons in the evening. I think it may help him feel less stressed when I mess something up!" (Towards the end of Elsie saying this she had to begin yelling, I'm not too sure why she doesn't stop her horse when she wants to talk..)
    A few minutes later Eve joined Elsie in the arena, they talked some more, maybe also gossiped a little. And because Eve works with a lot of the mares in foal at RME she rambled on about all (not that there's too many plans) of the plans and mares and stallions and anything she could think of to tell Elsie about incoming babies!
    They were suddenly interrupted when a horse trailer pulled into the main stable complex. Getting out of the truck was Zinnia and Carlie. They (of course) parked the trailer in a way that made it impossible for either Elsie or Eve to catch a glimpse of who might be arriving. The two knew there was a horse because of Dove's reaction to the whole scene. She watched carefully and let out a very soft nicker, perhaps indicating it to be a stallion or gelding? Just then a rumble came from the trailer, it sounded like a horse somewhat frantically backing out of the trailer. A few seconds after a steady and then short strided and then steady again, clip clop followed. Eve and Elise heard a few horses whinnying, and Dove gave herself one more turn.
    Elsie kept a sharp gaze on the scene but slowly asked Eve; "Do you know who that is? I didn't know a new horse was arriving!"
    "I have no idea, I think? I don't think I remember anyone saying anything about a new horse. But I guess I have been hearing a lot about possible arrivals and departures. Darn! I must have forgotten!" The girls weren't able to go investigate right away. They had their own horse to take care of. They walked with Dove by their sides back to her barn. They discussed and tried to figure out who it could have been getting off that trailer. While they were walking they got to see the sunset, the water on the lake sparkled and shone a golden honey hue in the sun. Dove seemed to see something only she could see. Perhaps the sparkling shine was being caressed by dancing fairies, calling their sweet Dove back to them. Regardless, it was a beautiful sight to see. But both Eve and Elsie were caught up in trying to figure out and imagine who this mysterious horse could be, that the sunset didn't seem to matter too much to them.


    This update featured:
    SSH Morning Dove, Elsie Buchanan, and Eve Washington

    Yes I did it! I wrote all of that. I hope you enjoyed the part I of this II part piece. I'm quite excited for the second part! :smile: Thank you to Ariadne for inspiring me to write more!! And thank you to @Callixta-Rosella who sold me the pretty little peach named Morning Dove. I refuse to believe that this horse isn't part something magical. Thank you to everyone for visiting my blog. :heart:
    @Lauren-Goldtree Thank you so much, I'm flattered. :blush:

  • He's Here! Part II.

    Elsie released Dove back into her field. The warm sun brought out the gold in the mare's coat.
    "Let's go see who this new horse is!" Elsie threw the lavender halter over her shoulder while joining Eve in running back to the barn. The walk back to where they had witnessed the arrival was just under 7km from where Dove was kept. Lucky for them there were a few bikes kept in the barn's storage area. The girl's grabbed the bikes and peddled the way they had taken Dove just a short while ago.
    Their arrival was anything but graceful or fulfilling. Eve had to swerve quickly on their mad dash and ended up crashing her bike. And because of Elsie's bellyache laughter she ended up stubbing her toe on a rock causing a pathetic limp (karma?). To end it all they found out that the new horse was taken to a different barn, which was another multiple kilometers away. Both girls were still a bit sore from their accidents and decided to crack the case in the morning instead.
    The arrival of the morning sent Eve practically flying to the barn. She ran against a beautiful backdrop of the sunrise. The trees seemed to be in a welcoming mood. The energy was calm and safe, with a quiet flow of happiness swirling through the air.

    The Sunrise

    Eve found Carlie who seemed busy tidying up, with a backpack strapped to her back. Eve approached with a single adamant question.
    "Oh Eve don't you remember? I told you about a month ago!"
    Eve thought on this, still though nothing came to mind. Carlie shook her head in disbelief.
    "Remember I told you that Zinnia had just talked to Alexa la Coupe about purchasing one of their horses? Oh come on Eve! You were cleaning Chalvados' stall and the wind blew the stall door and knocked over yo-"
    "Merlot! How in the world could I have forgotten? Where is he? I'd love to meet him, I even have my camera so I can take pictures of him!
    The two girls talked and walked towards a stall guarded with stable bandages and wraps.
    "Hello?!" Carlie poked her head in the stall. Standing quietly, gobbling down his breakfast was an almost surreal beautiful horse. The slight, warm morning rays of light brought an inexplicable depth of sheen through his coat. He shone a radiantly rich red with velvety black outlining his body.
    "Hello Carlie, Eve." A slight nod of her head and quick smile greeted the girls. But Zinnia quickly resumed her work on the big bay's legs.
    "Well Eve. This is Merlot FX. He's quite the stallion, is he not? You can see why he was named Merlot." As Carlie said this Eve scanned the stallion eating in front of her.
    "What breed is he? He's awfully big! Just look at that head!"
    Zinnia chimed in (while wiping poultice clay off her hands and onto a towel), "He is a Holsteiner, and his paper's say he is just under 17.1 hands. He seems bigger but I think that's just because he's built heavy. Unfortunately he got a bit nervous on the trailer, and his legs swelled a bit. I put some clay on his legs, now I just need to wrap them. I also gave him some Lavender and Chamomile to help calm his system."
    "Is he in training?"
    "Oh yes! He's a Show Jumpe-"
    "A Show Jumper! Opps I'm sorry, I interrupted. What were you saying?"
    "You just said it."
    "Oh right."
    To end the rather awkward silence Zinnia, who was still trying to get her hands sort of cleaned up, even though the clay was basically dried, started talking to Carlie. "Where are you going? It's Saturday and you are wearing your back pack."
    "I have flowers to deliver. And then I have to babysit for a few hours. Is there anything I, or Eve, could do to help before I leave?"
    "Could you guys help wrap his legs and then Carlie could you hand walk him? I'm going to cold hose them later if the clay doesn't help. At noon I'm going to put him in the paddock to let him relax out of doors." Zinnia seemed rather pleased to be getting help with Merlot.
    A few minutes later Carlie slipped a leather halter over his head and led him outside. Carlie was patient with the stallion. He perked his ears at each sound worth listening to. High above in the cypress tree were two birds, they swooped up and down. During a more intense flight they flew right past Merlot and Carlie. Prancing up and down and letting out an infamous dragon breath through his nostrils, Merlot was happy with his release. Quickly he went back to calmly walking and listening.
    Now looking at the time it was 17:34. Carlie arrived just as the unexpected clouds and fog swooped in. She had been babysitting for over six hours and was more than happy to make her way to a familiar and calm space. She felt an in-explainable connection to Merlot and visited him first. He stood against a backdrop of rich greens, smooth browns, and stormy grey skies. He looked content as he grazed and swiveled his ears at the occasional fly. Carlie only wanted to say hello and then go to leave her things in the lounge and hopefully find Zinnia. She softly approached Merlot. He seemed shy and only watched her, it was as if he was closely studying her.
    "Hello Merlot, my name is Carlie."


    alt text

    This update featured:
    Merlot FX and Carlie Baker

    Thank you for visiting! And thank you Alexa for trusting me with your special guy. :star2:

  • Our First Foal of the Year, Rusalka.

    Today I have exciting news! The breeding program around RME is slowly coming to a close as foals are being born and mare's are approaching their due dates. We are expecting more foals still, but today I'm overly proud and pleased to introduce our first filly. What makes me so excited is that she is sired by Solitary Vagabond CN (from @Christina-Lindblad, thank you again!), and her grand sire is Solitary Walker CN!! I can't believe how lucky I am to have been able to receive a foal so closely related to such a wonderful horse. I remember seeing pictures of Solitary Walker that Freya would post and be overly in awe of him, so it's crazy that now I have my own horse related to him! :scream: :heart:
    Anyways, I am happy to introduce RME Solitary Rusalka. Her dam is @Therese-Lind's (lovely) CNB Demure. Because Rusalka's dam is actively competing and living else where, we have our one and only Pb Aurora (from @Merida-Dahmer) caring for the little (well in Aurora's case, not so little) filly. As you can tell from the pictures Rusalka is a palomino, inheriting the soft (and hopefully golden in the future) coat from her Sire's side. She, unlike all her family members, has no markings. We were sort of hoping for a cute snip or star or something, but nope! Poor Aurora is so short that "her" little filly is taller and quicker. Luckily for Aurora, Rusalka doesn't like to stray to far from her guardian. We expect Rusalka will mature to be 16hh. The reason for this little one's name? The first part, 'Solitary' is taken from her Sire and Grand Sire. I wanted to incorporate their legacy into her's. The second part, 'Rusalka' is taken from the female Slavic entity. After only a few days of getting to know our Rusalka, we knew this was the perfect name for her. She has a bit of a malicious streak towards things, not in a terribly dangerous way, but she definitely can show unkind behaviors towards humans and unknown horses. She as well, is quite independent but mixed with her shyness you may not be able to tell. She loves to explore, but always gallops (or a version of gallop) back to Aurora when something seems intimidating. Hopefully she'll become braver! If she likes and trusts you she is very loving and fiercely loyal. She'll be sure to be one heck of a teammate when she grows up. (If you'd like to hear a funny story keep reading!) After I decided on Solitary Rusalka as a name and figured out her personality, I learned the meaning of Vagabond (her sire's name). Vagabond means, "a person who wanders from place to place without a home or job." I found that sort of funny because of Rusalka's decided personality and name.

    alt text


    This update featured:
    Pb Aurora, and RME Solitary Rusalka

  • Oww I had never seen a Fjord here in Equus! Congrats on your baby

  • oh my goodness, :heart_eyes: Rusalka is so beautiful!

  • Piccolo.. Is That a Belly..?

    As I said in my last post there are certain mares who's due dates are coming to a close. One of those mare's is our very own Piccolo Segreto. Around the barn she is more affectionately known as 'Cola.' This will be Cola's very first foal! The Sire is named Redemeer D'Auroy, this stallion is related to some of the loveliest sport horses on Equus. :hugging:
    So far Cola has taken fairly well to pregnancy. Her strength from her dressage background has helped her carry the (big) baby with ease. These past few days Cola has been getting a bit more hormonal, although she carry's the foal with ease, she has had a hard time with the hormones involved. We have been trying to help sweet Cola as best as we can with different herbs and supplements. There was a noticeable difference during most of her pregnancy, but now as she creeps closer to the due date... Well, she has been having a harder time. She sticks close to her new found friend Remix, who has been offering great support. Antonia, who is Cola's guardian, was able to take a quick picture of the two mares who noticed something off in the distance.


    "Cola! Remix!" Antonia called to the two mares who could. not. have their attention taken away from whatever was happening in the distance. Antonia clicked her camera and later found that all the pictures she had taken were almost identical. Just different angles. But as she searched through her camera roll better, she noticed some pictures of the trees and other plants in our outdoor arena. It seemed to suit her other captures okay.
    "Oh! How could I have forgotten." At the very beginning of her camera was a picture she had snapped of a standing Cola after receiving a bath. Antonia wanted a quick but nice picture of the mare and her belly. She bathed Cola and braided her mane and forelock to get a sweet picture. And she succeeded, the end product is a rather shiny and clean Cola posing for Antonia's clunky brown camera.

    This update featured:
    RME Piccolo Segreto (+1), and RME Remix

    Thank you to everyone who visited my blog, I love getting your upvotes and above all I just love seeing and reading your comments. It truly brings me so much joy and motivation. So thank you. :heart: Also, fun fact, as I write this I am listening to Lana del Rey's new album, 110% recommend listening to it. Thanks again for all the love I've gotten on my blog. :heart:
    P.S. Remix is for sale! Please contact me if you're interested. ((Also Lana's new album is too good. Please listen.))
    @Aurora-Bianchi Heh there are a few Fjords galloping around in the shadows, they come out for the occasional spotlight... Thank you! :heart:
    @Wilder-M-Bernardi Ahh! Thank you so much!! :two_hearts:

  • PR Committee

    So apparently the forum just doesn't tell me when you update here, I have so much to catch up on!

    I love the summer in Italy post; and I admire the breed you created! I remember a challenge on the other forum to make a breed, I opted to make this big chunky lazy thing that thoroughly did resemble myself :clap: but after a few attempts at spring cleaning folders and a traumatic laptop death, I no longer have the files. But it was really fun to have something so different to my Warmbloods in game. They looked so tiny in the end :laughing:
    I love to see Ollie still around and being enjoyed :two_hearts: and look at the lovely scenery of... Monte Vista?

    Ahhhh, and Dove too! I somehow forgot about her, she really didn't get much love with me :( So thank you for making that up to her! She has a great home with you now.

    And you have a Fjord!! I didn't know that but as a heads up, I want to see lots more of her :kissing_closed_eyes: She looks adorable baby-sitting Rusalka; who is absolutely gorgeous. Congrats on breeding yourself such a sweet little thing, and with a great pedigree you admire too! That's always an accomplishment :trophy:

  • Awww, Cola is so adorably chunky and I'm sure she's ready to pop! No matter how similar the pictures are, she and Remix are lovely together and I think they know it? :wink: They definitely know their angles, anyway!

  • A New, Galloping Magic

    Up at a gallop and over a hill came a striding black stallion and following behind was a bay trying his best to keep up. The horses were accompanied by two riders. They were following a carefully planned conditioning route. They left the stables at a relaxed walk, trotted through an old overgrown and unkept forest trail, walked once more (and cantered a bit) through a cut hay field, and now galloped up and down hilly trails. The black stallion was new to the barn, he quietly followed Eve's directions and made way for any of Gulliver's antics. Gulliver was chosen to go out riding alongside Magic because of his calm yet confident nature on the trails. He was certainly confident. He made sure to show Magic that he was the more dominant stallion. Even though the height difference between the two makes the poor proud bay look like a pony.
    The riders take all of their horses out on these conditioning routes. It helps the horses with their confidence on different kinds of terrain and strengthens so much in their bodies and minds. For the riders it's a great way for them to learn more about their horses, as well as strengthen the trust with their noble steeds.


    The return home was a relaxing ride along the vast acres of pasture land. Eve and Antonia took the horses to a rocky stream to cool down their legs and let the horses take a drink. They walked into the (show jumping) stallion's barn yard and dismounted. Both Magic and Gulliver were in exceptional shape and barely broke a sweat.
    Rushing out of the barn with red cheeks, and a hunter green halter and lead flung over her shoulder, was our little Finnish girl Addaliina. "Eve! Hi there, is this the new stallion Carlie told me about?"
    "Hey Addaliina, yes this is LMEC Magic Touch."
    Addaliina held in her hand a clunky leather brown camera. "Let me take a picture. I just got this great new camera last week."
    The quiet sound of soft munching, the evening songs sang by the birds and swishing tails drowned Eve's ears. She watched as Magic grazed the dewy blades of grass, he seemed content with his new life. As memories poured through, Eve remembered being told that Carlie was going to introduce Merlot and Magic in the next day. A spark of hope and excitement enhanced the moment when Eve thought of the two stallions getting to have each other's company.
    Later on, the tack room had never felt so good. The rider's cold bare arms were warmed by the heat in the room and the cozy sweater she wrapped herself in.
    "I have the picture I took of you and Magic." Addaliina entered the room with a glossy sheet of paper placed gently in her hand.
    "Lee I love it! Look at Magic, he's handsome isn't he?" Eve admired the picture of her and her (?) new stallion.
    "He reminds me of Chalvados, they share the same type of handsome. I'm curious, is Magic yours?"
    "Same type of handsome! -Eve couldn't help but laugh at that- Right now he's under the stable's name. I've been looking to get into Show Jumping and since Merlot and Carlie are doing so well together I think Magic will be my partner. However, if we do end up together I don't think I'll buy him. I have enough horses at the moment!"
    "Show Jumping, that's exciting, if you don't start out too high you can compete against Oliver and I!"
    "That's funny, Oliver sort of reminds me of Magic, riding wise. They both have such big strides. Magic would though. He's the tallest horse in the whole stable. I'm pretty sure his paper's said 18.2 hands high!"
    "Gosh that's tall, too tall. LMEC tha-"
    "That's Christina Lindblad's stable. Magic was a trade with.. Oh no I forget her name, you might know. I'm pretty sure she had tall stockings and her Sire is... Augustin?" Both clueless Eve and Addaliina thought, there had been so much excitement regarding the mares and foals that if you weren't right up to date you'd be sure to forget names every now and then. However, with excitement flooding her face, Addaliina's book worm brain remembered the filly's name.
    "Anise!! I can't believe I almost forgot her name! I loved that little filly, it was hard to see her leave, but now that I know Christina has her.. Well I can't describe how exciting that is!"
    The girl's continued talking until late in the evening. The warm tack room walls heard more talk of Magic, the current gossip going around the stable, and foolish things best kept unsaid. It was hard for them to leave and face the chill late summer night. When they finally did leave and returned to their homes, Eve gazed longingly at the picture Addaliina had taken. The new stallion who had graced her life stood magnificently at her side. She could feel daydreams swirl through her mind of her future with Magic Touch.


    This update featured:
    LMEC Magic Touch with Eve Washington, and RME Gulliver with Antonia Reed

    Thank you @Christina-Lindblad for Magic, I just love him! Also, I heard it was your birthday, soooo... Happy Birthday!! :confetti_ball: :hugging:
    @Callixta-Rosella Hey! Ahh thank you, I really liked the breed I made, I miss taking pictures of Pianello! Oh I like the sound of the breed you made, they seem like the perfect breed for giving hugs to, big, chunky, and lazy. :ok_hand: I love Oliver so much you have no idea! He is lacking in posts, but he and Addaliina are one of my favourite pair's. You'll see more of him! Haha the scenery is a mix between Monte Vista and the France world. I just wanted a nice looking Italy and these two got mixed! :laughing: Oh thank you, what a sweet compliment. :heart: Dove is so different from any horse I've had before, but I really love her. (Shhh... She is expecting a foal as well!!) I don't think anyone knew I had a Fjord; I hid her away so well. :disappointed: But not anymore! I have future posts planned with her and I'm so excited for them. Again! Thank you with my whole heart Callixta for such a sweet comment. I'm so flattered that people seem to like Rusalka. :hugging: Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. :heart:
    @Erin-Ward Thank you Erin! :heart: Cola is still waiting for her little foal, but I'm sure she'll surprise us soon. Oh I'm sure they have some idea of the flattering appearance they have with one another. :unicorn:

  • PR Committee

    Congrats on getting Magic; he looks like such a gentle giant on his gallop. I have a few gorgeous pixels from Christina and my sims all need ladders to get in the saddle, my own horses must look like shetlands in comparison :joy: Gulliver looks so playful; I love his snip, I don't really see many horses with just a snip, and it just stands out so well against his beautiful bay coat :drooling_face:

  • Cookie's and Cream

    "No, no, no, no! It wasn't supposed to rain! Was it?" As she looked up at the cloud covered sky and felt the teary droplets hit her distraught face, Antonia turned on her heels and found a crumpled up and sun bleached local newspaper sitting on a chair near a gloomy window. She was determined to find the forecast saying that in-fact there was not supposed to be rain. So she could.. So she could what? Complain some more?
    Antonia sat in the feed room, scents of warm sweet grain and soaking hay pellets calmed her mind. From the seat she sat in, she watched the steady flow of rain turn to hundreds of small trickling droplets on the window. She looked down at her watch, '9:43.' She was at the barn at that awkward time, when all the morning chores are done, but nobody is there, because it's still too early. She waited a few more minutes, huddling in her bright red rain coat. At last she gathered Cookie's things. Halter? Check. Lead rope? Check. Brush box? Check. Towel to dry Cookie's coat with? Check. Peppermints? Check!
    It was now 11:36, Antonia had caught Cookie, which took a good forty five minutes, to first find the herd, walk back with the little lady, then try to manage escaping without letting the few followers escape with them, and then finally (try to) walk past the seemingly extra good grass and into the barn. The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Anyways, Antonia now finally had Cookie's in her stall, filled with fluffy shavings and sweet smelling hay. The remaining time was spent drying off the spotted mare and braiding her mane and scraggly forelock. In less than ten minutes their photographer for the day, Addaliina, arrived. She wore black leggings, in rough shape paddock boots, a blue and white stripped sweater, and her brown camera slung over her shoulder.
    "It's raining! And I didn't even remember my rain coat either!"
    "I know! What's going on?" This is basically how Addaliina and Antonia warmly greet each other. Maybe different blurts of words for different weather conditions.
    Later on the rain was intermittent, this allowed for Antonia to ride Cookie in the outdoor without fear of too much wetness and mud ruining the planned to be dry photographs.
    Cookie, now 17 years old, strode around in her preferred fashion; tackless. Antonia only seemed to be their as an ornament on rides like these.
    "Okay, could you trot her past me. Right here, go towards that corner there." Addaliina was in full on photographer mood. She directed where Antonia and Cookie should ride, and told them how to ride.
    "Okay good! That was great. Well almost great. Oh. Oh no. Nevermind, go past me again." (Cold, shaky hands. Too blurry.)
    "I got it! I got a good shot!! Okay you guys can walk."


    The three girls now worked outside of the outdoor arena's boarders. Cookie performed several of her accumulated tricks and exercises she had learned from her Eve over the years. The rain continued the intermittent pattern. It gave the girls a chance to hide under the trees during the heavier downfalls, and plan the rest of their photoshoot.
    (The trees bordering the arena in and giving everything a cozier feel are starting to change colour. The first to begin changing we have found are the Aspen's. In the pictures you can see the leaves with a more golden and worn hue. Rather than lush like the grass.)
    Addaliina continued to snap pictures as Cookie performed a jambette, piaffe, school halt, but refused to perform her most exciting trick, a rear. Cookie would only rear with her closest friend; Eve.
    "Well I think we got all the ridden pictures." Scanning around the arena like a bird searching for prey, Addaliina led her subjects to a new area. Antonia dismounted and put Cookie's halter over her ears. Addalina began snapping pictures once again. She sat, squatted, leaned, jumped, and did just about anything to get the best angles.


    alt text

    14:26, Antonia gazed softly at the clock. She was waiting for Addaliina to return from visiting her horses, and to return with the finished photographs.
    The creaky wooden feed room door opened. Held in Addaliina's pale, from the frosty air, hands was a small pile of glossy images.
    "Lets see!" Antonia quickly stood up, receiving a rush of warm horse feed through her senses. "Look at'er! She's such an interesting mare. I love that one of her trotting. She looks so focused. Wait, you can't beat those perky ears of hers. I like the tiny flowers at the left side."
    "The last one was sort of the runt of the group. It turned out sort of grainy, but I thought it was too sweet not to share." Addaliina admired her new work. Her new camera was working great for her. She enrolled into a photography course and was beginning to learn all about shutter speed and exposure. My, how tricky photography can be!
    "I hope Eve likes these, I feel awfully bad for her. Cookie really seems to miss her." Addaliina spoke quietly while Antonia looked thoughtfully at the pictures.
    "I'm sure she'll love them. I've been talking to her recently and she really misses Cookie. It's good we were able to take these!"


    This update featured:
    RME Cookie's and Cream, Antonia Reed, and Addaliina Laukkenan

    @Callixta-Rosella Thank you dear. :hugging: I'm so flattered by your words. Especially about Gulliver! He's had three different coats so far, but I think I like him best with this one. It suits his personality best. Hehe beautiful? It still needs lots of work which is partly why he's hidden behind Magic... Ahh aren't Christina's horses amazing!? Magic is my first one, and I love him! (and yes he's huge :scream:)
    Thank you everyone for visiting! And I hope you enjoyed meeting sweet Cookie's and Cream. Cookie is very dear to me, I made her in 2014 or very early 2015! Unfortunately her main site profile picture is quite old, it's from a competition she and Eve entered when T shows were still a regular thing. :see_no_evil: I will share it here since it will be changed shortly. Here it is... Anyways, yes, thank you again for visiting! :heart:
    (By the way, I'm having a downsizing sale if any of you are interested!)

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