Zinnia's Photobook | The Inspection (11/11)

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    I just love this update! Such a sweet and kind gentleman Hellcat is; showing Fura that there's nothing to fear. I make my heart melt. What a lovely personality he has. (can't complain about his looks either, he's one of the most gorgeous greys around here, that's for sure 🥰)

  • Such a sweet boy he seems to be, Mittens <3 So experienced and gentle when they feel that the rider is nervous, they're so wise <3

  • Air King

    :pencil: Name: Arik RME Air King
    Breed: Hanoverian
    Age: Three and a half :pencil:
    "What! Already! That couldn't be... He was only a yearling a short time ago.." Zinnia put down her pencil. She knew her ever growing colt was becoming a more mature stallion, but it felt too soon. She remembered when she first was told she could buy him. He was a rather gangly colt, with big grey circles around his eyes and muzzle. He had a scrawny little face and long legs. His dam was a pretty grey with a big pink nose. He was bred with long lines of well known show jumpers; his great grandsire being SSE Winter is Coming! Zinna knew looking at the gangly colt, with big grey circles around his eyes and a funny look on his face, that he was something rather special.
    Yes, a rather special horse indeed.
    Zinnia fetched Arik out of the young horses mountain pasture. He had a nice mud dressing on his hooves, grass stains on his flanks, and leaves tangled in his scraggly mane. Since he's still so young, he is only taught basic things, like proper leading and how to react to body language. And this is what the two did today. Zinnia and Arik walked side by side around the arena, they worked on moving his haunches and relaxing when it was time to halt.

    The Sunrise

    Arik's favourite thing to do after he's done with his short lesson of the day, is to gallop ferociously around the grass arena. When he's given the 'okay' he trots away and frolics around. Perhaps showing the other beings his strength and speed.
    He's sometimes called 'ruby red,' because of his love for bright, ruby red apples. He's not afraid to dig in your pockets if he has a suspicion of their being a hidden apple. He's a rather extroverted and fearless horse. His closest friend is our Finnhorse Talvituli, who's now the same age as Air King. These two will climb many mountains and hills just for a bright shiny red apple. :apple:
    We expect Air King will be quite the stallion when he grows up. Already his tail, mane, and forelock are changing to a frosty white. He seems to be in no rush to grey out his unique coat. Which is quite alright.

    alt text

    This update featured:
    RME Air King, and Zinnia Arvi

    I hope you enjoyed this short introduction to the horse that is Air King. I purchased him as simply a horse credit with an already made pedigree. He just needed to be made. I adore his grey coat, and am rather proud of his markings I made. :sweat_smile: :heart:
    @Diana-Sæterbakken Thank you for your sweet comment! :hugging: Mittens is a rather kind and brilliant teacher! He's a very special guy. :heart: (Wow!That's an awfully flattering compliment! His creator sure did an amazing job making him. :heart:)
    @Therese-Lind Oh yes, Mittens is very sweet! He's a wonderful teacher. :heart: Thank you for your lovely comment. :revolving_hearts:

  • Miel and Tuli in the Setting Sun.

    The sun crept closer and closer to the warm fog covered mountains, threatening a kiss to their peaks. The trees made a dazzling display of vicarious reds, oranges, and golds. The time was not necessary. It was clearly the setting of another day. The sun, moving farther away now, gave the animals one last breath of warmth. The distant sound of soft, slumbering clinging bells echoed through the land. The bell tower, which was tucked away in the hilly valley, rang announcing the new hour. Clearly the hour of magic. The dawn of the enchanted.
    Our horses and (most) of our riders find the most comfort in this time of the day. When once again everyone settles in to rest. When the ceaseless romance of the sun puts you into a content languidity. Some people may find comfort in the early hours of the day, when the stars faintly shimmer, and the sun slightly peeks his rays above the hills. Or some may find comfort in the heat of the day. When the sun brightens the vast area and the bustle of everyday life drowns your fears. Of course then the night comes. The feeling of knowing you are done for the day, watching the stars and studying the moon.
    The dawn of the enchanted stirs up recollections of horses lazily grazing or listening to the last noises of the daytime. Drifting slowly through their vast pastures, finding the best place to rest for the night. The feeling of saying goodnight to them, leaving, only to return in the raw morning light.

    Undoubtedly sunsets awaken peace in me.
    The way they are unreserved, and uncaring of outside views. Willing to display exuberant colours for curious onlookers. Always attracting great momentary beauty for the world.


    This update featured:
    Mothica G, and R.M Kerttuli

    Thank you for visiting! And I'm happy to introduce Mothica, or as I like to call her; Miel. An Arabian leased from @Danielle-Maddox, thank you for allowing me to lease her. :two_hearts: Miel will adventure with one of our lucky riders in Endurance. And of course my sweet Tuli (or Liisa) was featured with her new friend in this update. She is a Finnhorse who was lovingly made by @Luna-Andrews. :heart:

  • Dancing Freely.

    Outside the air was beginning to shed its layers of warmth. The sun hid lower in the sky, often times being covered by the tall mountains and their trees. Two black tails swiveled eloquently in an s shape. Both side by side, the tails belonged to two stallions. One stallion with striking white markings on a rich coat, paired with two sharp blue eyes. The other stallion had only a small bit of white on a dappled coat. A coat that reminded one of summer days. When the sun shone his rays through the green leaves, leaving dappled light on wise old tree trunks.
    In went the pair of stallions, they walked and trotted freely in their new arena. They arched their necks and danced with their hooves. Their companion was Zinnia. She led them in and watched as they explored this grand new space. Each time they danced in the sand, little sparkles seemed to form around their hooves. As if they were dancing with the divine.
    This new arena will be a safe place for horses and riders to play, train, and study during the white washed snow storms. The arena generates its own heat. To ensure a comfortable place for horses and riders to be in. Without fear of becoming too cold or too warm. The window covered walls provide a safe feeling for all who enters. There is no worry of being in a too enclosed area, as the windows overlook the grandiosity of the mountain ranges and the rolling hills, dotted with horses wandering about.
    At last the curious horses relaxed into a walk and soon a halt. They made their way towards Zinnia, who invited them in with gentle snuggles. She walked a few steps and the two stallions followed along, stopping when she stopped. This sort of pattern continued on, although the three of them became livelier. Augustin, the younger of the two, and inhabiting more energy, loved this. He took every little ounce of sparked energy in Zinnia seriously, but in a fun way. He would find ways to bring his whole forehand (or sometimes his whole self) off the ground, in as many ways as he could experiment with. Berlioz took things a bit more seriously. He enjoyed this playing as much as Augustin, although he preferred to follow just what Zinnia motioned for him to try. He stuck right next to Zinnia, never leaving her side. Unlike Augustin who enjoyed drifting a few meters in order to truly show his spirit. The two stallions were quite different, but getting to play with two different horses at the same time was a great opportunity for Zinnia to expand her knowledge.
    The three dancers took a break. Berlioz stood near the mounting block pointing his nose to his back (a little trick he and Zinnia have been practicing), happily Zinnia climbed aboard, feeling her eyes welling with tears at his want for her to be so near to him. They all rested for a few minutes. Drifting through thoughts, listening to the sincere silence, and simply being together with no expectations.

    The hills were now pink, the sky painting the whole land with extravagant colour. The colour inspired the three in the arena to move. To move with extravagant, careless, and synchronic fluidity. Zinnia danced around, with two stallions who followed eagerly and seemed to take in the intense colour, manifesting it into high intensity movement. It was still so quiet, yet so loud. The dusk seemed to play its own music, filling the arena with a sort of tune. They danced on until twilight. At the commencement of the star's visibility, Zinnia led her steeds back to their pastures. She wished them both a good night, and quickly glanced at the sky. Her sudden need to glance at the sky turned into magic. As she looked, a quick blast of light slid across the sky. A shooting star passed by, leaving Zinnia in an indescribable state of euphoria.


    This update featured:
    Berlioz HF, Zinnia Arvi, and Tanns Augustin

    I hope you've enjoyed your visit.:herb:
    Getting to know about my darling Augustin, who is my dear Bucephala's only foal. :relieved: And of course continuing our friendship and knowledge with Berlioz. :heart:

  • So gorgeous! ❤️

  • The last picture it's aùazing :)

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    Lovely little Mothica is looking so pleased in her new lease home! I love that she's already made a friend and getting plenty of pasture time to settle in! You were right when you said they could be twins! Two big chestnut mares with a lot of chrome. The fall colors suite them so well! :maple_leaf: I love it! I hope you enjoy testing out endurance with her! She's a great mount for it and a pedigree to show! Good luck with her :heart: :shamrock:

  • Debeauve and Iced Tea

    I'd like to post a picture I took of a horse I made recently. His name; Debeauve. An import for a friend. I ended up growing rather fond of Debeauve and took a variety of pictures of him. This particular one I really liked. It's simply Debeauve.
    And Tilly,
    The sound of steady trotting hooves filled the arena. The cold air was giving her boosts of energy. She danced through the sand, her breathing becoming a regular, heavy exhale and inhale. Time passed by through Elise's eyes. Tilly danced, and Elsie cried. Ahh yes, she cried. Sometimes things can get too hard. But Tilly's dance slowly dried her onlooker's eyes. How could sadness stay too long while watching a horse monkeying along.



    This update featured:
    RME Debeauve and Rohirirm's Iced Tea

    Thank you for visiting. I apologize that this isn't an extravagant post. I was just looking forward to posting these two pictures. I'm so glad I've finally posted a picture of my Iced Tea. I very recently gave her a much needed update, and wow I'm happy I did. :heart: And Debeauve! He was an import from the quick import ad I posted on slack. He now has such a wonderful home. :hugging:
    @Jade-Nguyen and @Shagaia-Nedja-ri Thank you both for your kind words. It's much appreciated. :heart:
    @Danielle-Maddox Yes! She has vast pasture land to grow strong and wild. Not too wild of course! She now has a partner to adventure in endurance with, it's going to be so much fun. :heart_exclamation: Thank you for your kind words. :revolving_hearts:

  • The Start of a Show: The First Two (mystery) Arrivals.

    A low, rumbling sound waved it's vibrations through an L shaped barn. The barn was an all brown, woody structure. The mud and dirt where frequent hooves and busy feet passed by were traced with nicely beaten paths, matching the barn's walls and wood shingled roof. The low rumbling sound diminished as an old pick up truck's engine was turned off.
    Two curious horses sniffed the air from inside the trailer walls. One who was a bit more extroverted called a shrill whinny. In return there were a few replies of horses in distant show barns.
    Eventually after some laps of walking, grazing, and one close call of an unwanted roll, the two equine arrival's stood quietly while their riders got them settled in. One stall with the number 3 stuck near it's door, would soon be decorated with a hay bale, purple accents, and lots of carrots. While the horse who would be inhabiting this particular stall got settled in, it was only bare, with a few yet-to-be-used hooks nailed into the wall. As I speak of the horse inhabiting this stall, it's important to mention her soft pink coat. Well... Not pink. She was more the colour of chilly spring mornings, slipping breathlessly into summer's embrace. Her companion on this journey was a monotone, dark horse, whose coat was specked with light hairs. Her face was lightly coloured and elegantly crafted. She bared many differences to her spring morning companion. But the two matched like the duo of the bright autumn moon lighting up passing clouds. In other words, they matched divinely.

    Autumn had hit the far away land of St. Claire. The trees had already begun shedding their leaves and the sun barley shone. The grass was losing the lush green scent and shade, and slowly descended into a wonderfully maddening faded green. The sleepy equine crazed citizens of St. Claire found enjoyment in visiting the show grounds. They wore a healthy amount of warm clothing and many of the females wore their puffy scarves as a sign of the crisp season's arrival.
    After unpacking the old truck, settling their horses into their stalls, and simply sitting and resting for a few moments, the two riders wandered around the grounds. They took pictures and right away got to know each other. They laughed at things they probably shouldn't have been laughing at, bonded over their shared love for coffee, and of course each bought a hot cup of coffee at the concession stand's.


    This update featured:
    Sorry. It's a mystery... For now..

    Hello again,
    I hope you've enjoyed your little visit. :fallen_leaf:
    I won't say much since I'll be back soon. :full_moon_with_face:

  • The Inspection

    It wasn't long after they got a telegram, which was a notification that a vet would be visiting to inspect the first two arrivals, that the vet and his assistant arrived. Eve who was still unpacking her horse's things, was interrupted when Ainslie burst through the door announcing the arrival of the vets.
    In a stall marked with a number 2, an elegant dappled mare greeted her visitors. A low nicker, a flutter of her eyelashes, and a slow poking of her head out her stall door was enough for the vet and his assistant to discretely fawn over the mare. Eve introduced her mare, announcing her name and unsurprising to the vets; her breed.
    "This is Ko-, I mean Kelly. York's Kelly. We all just call her Koa. And I'm Eve. Washington. Koa's an eleven year old Hanoverian- a mare of course."
    After discussing bits about Kelly and doing trot's back and forth, the vets agreed Kelly was in fine condition. And perfectly ready to compete in her class on Sunday evening.
    Koa had felt proud to be at the show grounds. Although where the horses were stabled they were rather secluded. But the tension and excitement that lingered through the crisp air was quite evident. And Koa loved that feeling, the feeling of being in the midst of excitement.

    Eve and Koa

    After inspecting Koa the vets made their way to a stall marked with the number 3. They watched as a red head bobbed around a pretty pink mare who was seen quietly resting.
    "Ahm... We're here to inspect... Allora L."
    "Oh hello!" Ainslie was taken by surprise when she saw two daunting silhouettes at the stall door. "I was just getting Allie's hooves clean. It's this wet dirt. I know what your thinking, wet dirt? Well it's not mud, you see it's just wet dirt! It's a funny in between! I'll get her bridle on and bring her out. She might be a bit unimpressed, she was in the middle of a wonderful nap! She's had a lot of excitement lately, meeting a new horse, traveling to St Claire, and finally arriving here. Her legs got a little swollen on the last leg of her trip so I iced them and they're much better." At last Allora was brought out. She quietly followed Ainslie, and stood when she was asked to. It's was quite evident that the poor mare had just been woken up. She stood patiently, perhaps using this time to finish her nap. When it was time to trot, she did her best to show just who she was. But the heavy weather and just waking up called for some very relaxed trots. It was okay though. Because even in the mare's calmed state, she still made the effort to extend her long legs. She showed herself off to the best of her, at that present moment's, ability.

    Ainslie and Allora

    This update featured:
    York's Kelly, Eve Washington, Allora L, and Ainslie Cairstine

    Hello again,
    Aha! You've found out the first two arrivals! Allora and Ainslie both belong to the lovely @Callixta-Rosella (thank you for making my equus dreams come true... yet again!!). :sunflower: Ainslie and Allora are visiting to participate in a 'jigsaw' class at the St. Claire City Classic, with Eve and Koa. These two pictures featured here will ultimately be apart of the girls' entry.
    Thank you for visiting! :heart:

  • PR Committee

    Ugh as usual I'm so far behind :sob: I love Air King, he just looks so elegant and his headshape is just amazing. You are honestly so great at conformations, I love all the horses I have from you for so many reasons but their conformations are just...perfect :heart_eyes: :two_hearts: And look at handsome Debeauve, I love his big white legs and pink snip :heart_eyes: I had every intention of entering him into Ariadne's show before I murdered my computer and lost all effort, but he is very much admired at Foxberry :kissing:
    And Allora! I'm so glad she's having fun at the show and getting so spoiled. I love the shade of purple you picked for her, I'll have to remember that when I get round to updating her and her tack :ok_hand: I'm going to tag @Therese-Lind because she very kindly made Allora for me and I'm sure she'd love to see Allora getting some love :hearts:

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