Zinnia's Photobook | The Spanish Mare's (06/08)

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    Welcome to my scrapbook :star2:
    This blog will feature all the happenings at my stable Rocky Mountain Estate. (Despite our stable name) Our horses and facilities are kept in Austria and Italy. We have been around since 2014, so this blog will feature some of my older horses. Soon I hope to start up a new stable named Amiata Riding School, centered primarily around my Lipizzaners and other baroque breeds. RME focuses primarily on the horses well-being. We use alternative horse therapies for both their mental and physical health, and they are all thoroughly knowledgeable on working on the ground. I hope you enjoy your stay at my blog, I am going to try to be more interactive with everyone, and post more frequently. (Hopefully this blog will be more more organized than my last one!) :heart:

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  • Broadway and Berlioz

    The air was cool and foggy. The now visible grass was covered in frost, possibly left by the morning faeries... Walking quietly down the narrow dirt path, closed in by bushes, hedges, and trees, was a dapple grey stallion. He was accompanied by two girls, Adaliina and Elsie. They arrived into the grassy pasture/arena, and Adaliina tightened Broadway's girth and checked to make sure his noseband was loose enough. The dappled stallion was previously a very successful Grand Prix dressage mount with @Callixta-Rosella. He's now retired from competition, but Elsie has been taking him on long trail rides and working with him on the ground. Whenever Elsie rides Broadway she takes him in a bosal, but today Adaliina was having a lesson on him. Adaliina had never ridden in a bosal, so Elsie thought it would be best if she used a 'regular' bridle with an egg-butt snaffle bit. Elsie gave her student a leg up and Broadway walked on, he was as cool as a cucumber. Adaliina was not used to riding a powerful dressage horse. She has two main mounts, our sweet Finnhorse Anneli, and our equally as sweet and mellow Oldenburg, Oliver Twist. They are wonderful horses, but a lot different to ride than Broadway! Elsie had invited Adaliina to ride Broadway to learn a few things from the wise stallion. Throughout the lesson Elsie had Adaliina doing all sorts of stretches and exercises. Elsie had Broadway stay on a liberty circle (although he's not at liberty, he was going around Elsie in a circle while she was giving him the cue for his liberty circles!) and he didn't seem to mind going at a nice and easy trot. The lesson only lasted about 25 minutes, afterwards Adaliina rode him around the trails, allowing him to relax his muscles. When they arrived back to the barn Elsie gave the stallion a simple massage (Adaliina watched and tried to learn the techniques.), and before going back out to join his herd Adaliina fed him his daily herbs. :salad: :heart:

    Broadwayyy :3
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    Recently we have been given the opportunity to lease the magnificent Berlioz HF from @Eowyn-Vance! I have absolutely fallen in love with him. One of my biggest equus dreams was to have one of Merida's horses, since I've joined (and even before that!) I've been a big fan of Merida and her horses. Finally I got the opportunity to pamper Berlioz (thank you Eowyn!). In these pictures I was riding Berl bareback and taking advantage of the disappearance of the slippery snow and ice! It was great fun, afterwards Berl requested some cuddles. It was a nice surprise for him to ask for cuddles since he is a bit shy, but lately he has gotten to know me better and is getting more and more enthusiastic! :hugging:


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    This update featured:
    Broadway, Berlioz HF, Elsie Buchanan, Zinnia Arvi, and Adaliina Laukkanen

    Thank you for visiting! I will introduce my characters and horses more thoroughly as this scrapbook gets going. If you have any questions like what’s a Broadway? feel free to ask haha. But for now I hope you enjoyed. :heart:

  • Berlioz, always gonna be one famous pon!

  • The Spanish Mare's

    Each evening at approximately 19:45, Sonadora and Vistosa gallop through a field thick with poppies. We assume, in hopes of meeting the evening train, which adventures to France and back to Italy. Their desire for adventure sparks at 19:25 when the distant sound of the rattling train echoes through the mares meadow. It may seem strange that out of a herd of five Spanish mares, only these two are put in the train's enchanting trance. Perhaps though, there is something more to the train that seems to call their names. We may never know. But in the least we value 19:45 to be a sacred time for these two Spanish beauties to stretch their legs and race into the sunset. :sunrise_over_mountains:


    This update featured:
    YDA Sonadora and YDA Vistosa

    Thank you again for visiting! This was a bit of a last minute photoshoot for the challenge Callixta is hosting. I had this sort of idea in my head for awhile, that idea being these two girls posing in this sort of way with the poppies. I'm happy with how soft things turned out, and that my game cooperated! The only thing that's edited is their forelocks and some colour tweaking in photoshop.
    @Lidija-Rotherford haha I suppose so! But he definetly has his reasons for being "famous," he's cute as a button! :heart:

  • oh wow! lovely angles and colors!

  • What a beuties!! Look @Jessica-Owens!! They seem to be really happy together running between the poppies!!

  • @Vera-Alvarez said in Zinnia's Photobook | The Spanish Mare's (06/08):

    What a beuties!! Look @Jessica-Owens!! They seem to be really happy together running between the poppies!!

    My babies!! They look so happy :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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