need reshade help

  • to begin with, i'm using reshade 4.1.1.
    alt text
    the issue is, the DOF works, but it doesn't focus. its not in the common corner, or not work at all, it doesn't focus. edge smoothing is off and i've played with every setting for DOF possible. i heard the 1.69 patch is a problem, but it worked awhile back with 3.0 reshade with the 69 patch (it stopped working after a few months). i have tried turning of WiFi prior to using reshade as well.

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    I spent a solid week trying to get Reshade 4.0's DOF to work with Sims, and I have concluded that it's impossible. They changed some of the settings and depth detection for the shaders when they updated it from 3.0, and I think Sims is just too old for it to work properly. I highly recommend switching to a version of Reshade 3.0- you can find the various versions in the Reshade Repository.

    You'll also need shader files compatible with 3.0, and for some reason there's no online archive of old shaders that I can find, so here's a link to mine.. The shaders that get automatically downloaded and installed with the ReShade installer are made to run with 4.0, so they only like... half-work with 3.0? For best results overwrite those with the ones I linked.

  • Hi. I had the same problem, so i'm happy to find a solution. I've just one question: how can I override the shaders? 🙈

  • @Puck-Cantrell i will try your method. thank you!

  • @Puck-Cantrell fat r.i.p, tried your method (same shaders as well), it worked the first few times, then completely stopped. not even the corner. not too sure whats going on there.

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    That’s probably the Origin 1.69 patch killing the DOF. I use Steam to run my Sims so I don’t really have a fix for this; but I know most people use Origin so there may be a workaround for it to get DOF to cooperate

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  • so DOF does work, but only for a little bit. it seems to cut out after 10 minutes.

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    I had that too along with a few other members and as Puck said, it's the origin 1.69 that kills DOF from working constantly. Luckily for me I only had two expansion packs through origin that I uninstalled and now I just run my game from the disk and I have DOF working properly again but as far as I know, there's no other alternative yet. But I would suggest looking on tumblr for a fix if there is one, that's where I came across so many other people having the issue and where I found the cause for it too :)

  • @Callixta-Rosella i use origin to launch sims, could that be the problem? i have not bought any sims 3 expansions through origin, only through disks.

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    More than likely; try running the game without origin and see how your reshade settings work then :)

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