[Ended] Cinnabar's Spotted Breeds Auction

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    Welcome to Cinnabar Court's Spotted Breeds Auction, today we have to offer you a variety of spotted horses to choose from, each from a different breed group (Boroque, Warmblood, Stock, Pony and Draft), so there's on for all you different breeders out there. Each horse is 4 years old and is a total blank slate for you to do anything you want with, they will all come with main sites and all have custom markings!

    ✯ Gender (unless gelding), coat and conformation may not be changed under any circumstances, unless you have permission.
    ✯ HD markings, clips, and other shine markings can be added at any time. Mane and tail style can be changed also.
    ✯ All horses are to be registered realistically.
    ✯ Do NOT upload the horse to any mass download sites! Should you be found doing this, you will be banned from any future services.
    ✯ Do NOT upload custom markings to any sites or share them with other people. The markings are only for the horse they belong to.
    ✯ The coat and conformation are not to be used as a base for any other horses or for templates.
    ✯ The show name may NOT be changed. You may not remove any prefix. You may not add your own prefix/suffix.
    ✯ These horses must go to active show or RP homes
    ✯ If you become inactive within the community for 1 ES year (4 RL month's of no posting on the forum) the horse will be reclaimed.
    ✯ Should you decide to sell the horse in the future, please notify me first.
    ✯ You must add your favorite dog breed to your starting bid so I know you read and agree to the rules.
    ✯ I reserve the right to refuse or cancel any sale/auction for any reason we see fit.

    Cinnabar's Commander Twistolena | Dark Bay Snowcap Appaloosa Stallion - SB $8,000
    Cinnabar's Double Eagle | Black Varnish/Blanket Sugarbrush Draft Stallion - SB $10,000

    Cinnabar's Classic Jack | Black Varnish/Blanket POA Stallion - SB $8,000

    Cinnabar's Fantasy Series | Chestnut Leopard Classic Knabstrupper Mare - SB $8,000

    Cinnabar's Koenraad | Black Varnish/Blanket Wielkopolski Stallion - SB $10,000

    Minimum bid raise is $1,000 - Max raise is $8,000
    Happy bidding! (All bids based in pacific time)
    Horse Current Bid Ends
    Cinnabar's Commander Twistolena Sold to Cristyne Westwood for $11,000 Ended
    Cinnabar's Double Eagle Sold to Thomas Thorley for $18,000 Ended
    Cinnabar's Classic Jack Sold to Blake Bellanairis for $16,000 Ended
    Cinnabar's Fantasy Series Sold to Dimitri Dane for $91,000 Ended
    Cinnabar's Koenraad Sold to Alastair Schrödinger for $38,000 Ended

  • Cinnabar's Fantasy Series - SB


  • Administrators

    Cinnabar's Classic Jack - sb
    Cinnabar's Double Eagle - sb
    Chesapeake Bay Retriever

  • Moderation Committee

    Cinnabar's Fantasy Series - 10k

  • Cinnabar's Fantasy Series - $18,000

  • Moderation Committee

    Cinnabar's Fantasy Series - 25k

  • Fantasy Series - $33,000

  • Moderation Committee

    Cinnabar's Fantasy Series - 41k

  • Fantasy Series - $49,000

  • Banned

    Cinnabar's Koenraad - SB

    (border collie)

  • Cinnabar's Koenraad -9k

    (English Shepherd)

  • Moderation Committee

    Cinnabar's Fantasy Series - 57k

  • Cinnabar's Fantasy Series 58k
    ( beauceron )

  • Fantasy Series - $66,000

  • Fantasy Series - 67K

  • Fantasy Series - $75,000

  • So much stuning horses :heart:
    Cinnabar's Koenraad - 11K

    Czech Wolfhound

  • Moderation Committee

    Cinnabar's Fantasy Series - 83k

  • Breed Committee

    Cinnabar's Koenraad 12k
    Cinnabar's Double Eagle 11k - they're all so lovely!
    I don't really have favourite breed, but if mutts count then those :smile:

  • Cinnabar's Commander Twistolena - SB

  • Cinnabar's Classic Jack 9k
    All doggos <3

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