Selle Français Mare

  • Hello! A few days ago I made a Selle Français mare, but she has big brands. My question is if she can be registered as that breed or maybe I have to register as another type of warmblood.

    Photo 1, Photo 2

  • By big brands you mean the amount of white she have ?
    If yes, Selle Français can be much louder with white (the breed accept tobiano and sabino) and for my own experience it's quite common for the Selle Français breed to have the same amount of white as your mare.
    Plus, a Selle Français can have parents from quite any warmblood/sport horse breed which can allow a lot of white.
    So it shouldn't be a problem to register here like that.

  • Thank you very much :) Your answer is very helpful for my!

  • You're welcome ;)

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