♦ Hummingbird Fields //17.07.19♦

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    We all know it. Some simmers are good at creating girls but struggle with guys and then there are simmers who can create tons of boys but never a girl that satisfies themself. Yup, that's me! What a suprise...
    I tried to describe my babyboys a little because if I describe them in details...damn, that would take a whole century.
    Maybe I'll get some deeper in it when I describe their weird habits or flaws that they all have. <-
    ♦ ♦ ♦
    In this blog you will see a mix of horses and sims. So be prepared for some Simstuff here!
    Tell me who of them would suit ur taste?

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    Astro BDG is one of those heavier frisian stallions. He's 175cm tall and a true black beauty.
    His owner is Haru Werret (a good picture of him coming soon) they share a beautiful strong bond with each other.
    Haru would trust this stallion blindfolded.
    Astro is a very calm horse with a strong, fluent movement that will caught everyones attention.

  • This post is deleted!

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    Kronborg's Chacko Blue is a young horse with the burning love for jumping and running.
    He loves water and everything what has to do with water. Chacko also loves his best friend Words Of Donner.
    They grew up together and I'm pretty sure that they share the same single braincell...according to their behavior.
    Unedited pic of him HERE

    Kronborg's Words Of Donner is the "dumber part" of the braincell.
    He can be smart but he only uses his brain to make trouble, as expected.
    Donner Jr. is actually a lovely horse when he doesn't make trouble.
    Unedited pic of him HERE
    (@Ronan-Dhall )

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    After a shitty laptop death I lost almost all of my thoroughbreds but luckily they weren't all created by me.
    So that wasn't a big lost.
    Have here some of my favourite racing pics of mine. ♥
    ( used to have a racinbarn with the name Lindblum Racing. )
    0_1555857186963_ateez x.jpg

  • Your racing pictures are gorgeous! <3

  • Very impressives horses.

  • Waaaouh. Lovely horses, but... Why that much editing in the markings on Chacko Blue? It is like, two differend horses! Both versions of him are gourgues anyways, soo

  • Beautiful Thoroughbreds! if you're ever looking to sell or buy, let me know! I run a Thoroughbred Flat racing barn, specializing in rare colors. :)

  • @Thea-Radmer said in ♦ Hummingbird Fields // thoroughbreds♦:

    Waaaouh. Lovely horses, but... Why that much editing in the markings on Chacko Blue? It is like, two differend horses! Both versions of him are gourgues anyways, soo

    he doesn't edited his marking.. it's just the other side of Chacko's body :) (I know it because I created both horses and the marking of Chacko)

    @Ivan-Kanerva I'm very happy that the two boys are doing great with you even if Donner Jr. is a little brat <3 (he got it definitely from his father! xD)

  • @Samantha-Jadirea thank you very much! ♥
    @Ian-Salvatore thank you! ♥
    @Thea-Radmer I flipped the image and as Ronan said Chacko has two different sides and I didn't edited that. (would be too much work tbh ) and thank you! ♥
    @Cheyenne-Cavender Thank you! I'll remember this!
    @Ronan-Dhall he did and I think that it is also my influence lol x d

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    This guy is my one of my all time favourites. I love the way he looks and moves.
    So clean,sharp but still smooth.
    These pictures were taken in Tokyo - a few days earlier after we bought him.
    I couldn't resist, haha.
    Right now I can't say much about him, since I haven't worked with him yet. :)
    (Template done by @Erin-Cooke , I just changed a few things.)
    @Octavia-Ryland look here! An aussie WB! ^-^

  • Ooohhh amazing baby <3

  • OMG he looks like a panda!

  • He's gorgeous! I love the Tokyo background too :)

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    0_1556131666955_TS3 2019-04-24 19-13-07.jpg
    Let's get into one of my favorite main characters. ♥
    He has a lot of nicknames like Ive, Kia, Ivy and sass-queen.
    When u first meet him he is either very shy or super sassy/savage. I guess it depends on if he is drunk or not.
    Ivan was once a woman but he never really felt like it was him?
    After a lot of hardships and many hard times, he finally found himself.
    "I never felt like a woman. I was always more into the...masculine side of life, I guess.
    I couldn't imagine a life as the person I once used to be or should be.
    Making all of these hard desicions was worth it.
    I'm finally feeling comfortable in my body and now I'm hoping to find that - one person - who'll make me feel the way as I feel for myself.

    And I think that this makes him even more special to me as that he already is.
    He is still struggling with himself but he learned to love himself.
    (Something that I am really jealous of but I think, if we find ourself and start to accepting our flaws and the things we are good at, things that we like to do or in general, it helps a lot.)
    Ivan loves chocobos and ducks and @Ronan-Dhall can write a whole novel out of it.

    Ivan is a very special character to me. I wish I could tell u all that but apparently I suck at describing characters that are important to me bceause I think that I'll miss something important.(Picture is a 15 mins quickie edit)

  • All your photos are so beautiful, and your sims are so detailed :heart_eyes:

  • OMG he is so cute. His lips are to die for.

  • @Ian-Salvatore this is actually a good name for one of his future offsprings! thaha ♥
    @Alba-Moran Oh! Now where u are saying it. xd
    @Samantha-Jadirea Tokyo for life! And the whole asian part...I love asia lol
    @Katarina-North thank youu! I am always trying to make them as realistic as I can. ♥

  • Evellons Mollado


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