Which Forum is Which ?

  • Can someone please explain to me why there are 2 different equus sims websites (well 3 if you count the main site). So i get that this is the forum but im confused as to what equus-sims.com is for?
    It seems to just be a double up of this forum. Or is it supposed to just be for the ESRPG? And if it is, is it completely separate to what is done on this forum? There seems to be members registered there that are not on this forum. I tried to register a few horses with ESRPG but im not sure how to see if they've been accepted.

    Sorry this sounds like a really dumb question actually typing it hahah im just a bit confused xx

  • Administrators

    It is a rather strange business that we're all too used to need to have it explained so I totally understand how you'd be confused!
    Mostly you can consider Equus.Community forum and main site as the original Equus we all know and love, and Equus-Sims as a new site which is essentially unrelated to us.

    Late last year Christina, the founder of Equus-Sims, decided she wanted a forum with a stronger basis on roleplay instead of points. Because she was the founder she decided to take our name with her (the main source of confusion!) and we became Equus.Community.

    For ease of understanding the different sites and rules, you can consider that Equus-Sims is now completely separate from this forum and main site. There is no overlap in registration, competition or membership. They even have their own slack team :)

  • Okay hahah no wonder i was confused, i get it now though! hahah thanks so much Elsie, youre the best <3 xx

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