[Wanted] Lustiano horses

  • Hi, im just about to start up a new line, with the lustianos.
    Im simply just looking for every lustiano on the marked, for a good price. im not willing to pay a looot of money if i in fact, just can make them myself ;)
    I usually dont buy horses (kind of private reasons) but it thought, equus have a lot of great horse maker people, so i shoud give it a shot.

    If you have one/some, just send a picture and a little bit of information. I would like to know gender, color (genetic code if posible) what the horse is performing in, if it have any points and lastly, the price or price idea :) More information is always great, but that is what i really want to know before buying

    I hope to see some great lusitanos out there xD

  • I have 7 Lusitanos that I would be willing to sell BIYs from, if that would be of interest.
    They compete in Dressage, are all titled and close to retirement (200 pts). Also, all of them have a pedigree:

    SPHR Ghael
    SPHR Nymeria
    HCC Alvarinho
    SPHR Imperador
    SPHR Daenerys
    SPHR Meduza
    HCC Cambraia

    Please PM me here or on Slack if interested :)

  • I've got 7 Lusitanos. I'm not interested in selling any of them, but BIY is possible. I'll usually accept like for like trade in lieu of payment for one or two breedings.

    Mainsite Link Name Status Gender Phenotype Genotype Primary Discipline Primary Points Secondary Discipline Secondary Points
    Profile AC Excalibur Active Stallion Buckskin Ee Aa nCr Ff Dressage 80 Working Equitation 77
    Profile Seraida VC Active Mare Bay Ee Aa Dressage 122 None
    Profile AC Event Horizon Active Stallion Black Ee aa Dressage 130 None
    Profile Destinada AC Active Mare Grey ee aa Gg Crcr FF Dressage 206 None
    Profile ZHG Avalon Retired Stallion Dapple Grey Ee AA Gg Ff Dressage 280 None
    Profile HCC Aurora Retired Mare Dark Bay Aa/Ee Dressage 299 None
    Profile HCC Quantum Retired Stallion Black Ee/aa Dressage 160 Eventing 260

  • @Samantha-Jadirea I have actually been looking at Excalibur before xD What should it cost with a biy with him and Destinada ? And will a horse trade be posible to pay some of the price?

  • @Thea-Radmer

    Destinada is the dam of Excalibur, so would not be wise to breed them together. But you could have two separate breedings from those two if you had other horses to breed them to.

    If you are looking for a double cream foal, I have another Lusitano, FWF Mystique. I don't normally advertise her for breeding to, because she has no discipline or pedigree points. But she does have cream and ND1 genes. She's unrelated to Excalibur, so if you especially wanted a double dilute foal you could use her as the dam.

    I'm willing to take trades up to the full value, and it doesn't need to be Lusitano either. I wouldn't mind a BIY breeding to your new stallion as part payment though, once he's registered.

  • @Samantha-Jadirea Im mostly interested in Destinada of the two. Ill take a look at the other stallions you had. Maybe Event Horizon would be interesting :)

  • Yes, he's not related to Destinada so you could use those two if you like. I think he'll also give some eventing pedigree points as well as dressage. His sire is HCC Quantum. Are you on Slack?

  • @Samantha-Jadirea I think i am, but i cant remember my login informations, so i need to figure it out.

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