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  • love this, fantastic photo <3 looks like a nice place to jump

  • 14/07/19 - COURTOUR GP II -

    Ian & Vasco this afternoon in Barrage... Come on my loves !!!

    a quick wink and encouragement to Cameron Rose, who is participating for the first time in the Courtour GP II with an old horse, Oxford AF. ;)

  • Yeahhhhhh !!! :)

  • @Chris-Patt : Thank you :) <3

  • Vasco looks amazing in every picture <3

  • @Jill-Hendricks : thank you Jill :)

  • 15/07/19

    Blue Hors Kashmir is wake... hi everyone, there is someone ?

    Havel's Obiwan with her mom who sleeping again.

  • Look at those cuties! <3 :heart_eyes: I love these everyday pictures you're doing, it really shows there's more to a stable then just training and showing!

  • 16/07/19

    got back at work with Vasco aftert the show.

  • that photo of Kashmir peeking over the stall is adorable!

    and Vasco looks great as per usual

  • @Marquis-Moulin : thank you :)

  • 17/07/19


    • Vasco ranks 5th out of 12th, receives 5pts in jumping, and gains of 400$ i'm very prouf of him.
    • BMF Codex-One ranks 5th out of 12th, she's receives 5pts un jumping, and gains of 700$. i'm so very very very proud of her. she has reached the bar of 100 pts in jumping.

  • 17/07/19

    This morning in the pasture foals... Kimi & Obiwan

  • 17/07/19

    Paddock time's for Vasco after the Courtour GP II

  • 19/07/18

    Following a purchase I will need money, so I put this sublime little filly for sale.
    she is so beautiful, and jumps extraordinarily well, she has good paper I hope she will find a good home to welcome him, educate him, and teach him the high level, interesting potential with good pace, will certainly good in dressage.

  • she's adorable! I'm definitely tempted :thinking:

  • She is such a pretty girl. I'm sure she'll find a good home real soon.

  • @Marquis-Moulin : thank you for her :)
    @Anna-Foster : thank you :)

  • 19/07/19

    Go to the pasture for the fours horses...

  • your filly for sale is soo pretty even i was tempted and i hardly ever buy horses XD

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