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  • OMG it's cold at your town ! xD Winter will quickly arrive ^^

  • @Regina-Walker : thanks it took me years of practice :)
    @Eloïse-Newport : it's the morning frost. it stings the nose indeed. ;)

  • 04/11/19

    • Sunny end of day...


  • Great that Obiwan recovered and is all well again :innocent:

  • @Annalena-Voigt : thank you for him ;)

  • 05/11/19

    • Flat training

    the sun is rising recently, the temperature indicates about ten degrees, the wind is zero. it's cool, but there's no sun, Ian hesitates outside.
    For my part, I get up with some pain this morning, nothing serious if it can reassure you, simple tugging back. it's because Owen is starting to make his weight.
    Ian was alarmed, he was already gone looking for the car .. :)
    Owen should not come before December 3.

    here are some pictures taken this morning by my marvelous wife...

    it's hard work ...

    what seriousness and application in their work

    some lateral displacement

    evening stroll around the stables

  • The four horses look quite relaxed and harmonious!

  • Owen will be a beautiful baby I'm sure my dear ! <3 Your horses seems calm and volunteers at work today ;)
    I can't wait the arrival of the baby !

  • @Borja-Domecq : thanks you Borja :)
    @Eloïse-Newport : thank you mydear, theys sooo calm yes for one time. ah ha thanks ;)

  • 15/11/19


    for several days I'm away and for good reason, I'm at the hospital with Chloe, a little alert about some contraction. finally more fear than anything else, the baby is fine and my wife, the diagnosis is good, chloe should just rest the rest of the country and make it the least possible. So I'll take over, make sure that chloe was doing it properly, and spotted watching over it until the delivery.

  • 16/11/19


    Second indoor competition of the year. I attended from my side in the tribune to the course of my husbands.
    we start with the result of Level 1 in class puddle.
    Our young mare Idéale AF finished at an excellent 3rd place. What about his career, own, listening to Ian, although there has been some little heistation especially on the verticals, she jumped like an experienced mare. She has a lot of quality. Bravo my big for this 3rd place well merit.

    Let's get on with the Beginner Level, we start with the lowest ranked of the two entered, Havel's Obiwan finished at the foot of the podium with a good 4th place. Good run in spite of 2 time point over time, but Ian wanted Obiwan to work more than he wins.

    The second is a GP champion he has won in his category, with an excellent victory, and a magnificent first team that duo dedicated me. Ian and Kashmir have won GP in Level 3, A duo probably watched in the next competitions. With this beautiful victory, Obiwan should be upgraded to Amateur. He too and a stallion of the future.
    0_1573938560519_IAN & KASHMIR.png

    Let's end with my little mare caracteriel but she also very talented, Codex, who during these two days of jumping was obviously at its head, not in the mood, not in the desire, she made two refusals, no doubt a bad passing day. She made a block in arriving at the double colored yellow, fluo green, very impressive. I think she does not like the fluo ha ah, ian came out of the course by jumping the number two a simple oxer. He then returned to the paddock to rework the mare as needed on a few extra jumps.

    a beautiful grimace, yes here! it's the day that Owen decided to annoy me. transient but painful contraction, obviously made me understand that I had to rest. what I'm doing now, in fact I do not have much choice, I want to stay at home for my last month of pregnancy. it should arrive around the beginning of December

  • Oh your baby is going to be a december baby <3
    december is the best month to be born Lol :D

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld : it's true no doubt a very nice Christmas gift :)

  • Beautiful babies horses ! ^^ they worked well
    I can't wait to know Owen ! He will be born in December like me ! xD

  • @Eloïse-Newport : thanks dear :) big baby yes with their a caractere also for some ;)

  • I can't wait ☺️

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