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  • Flashback Fall 2018

    One autumn evening, I wandered as usual with my best friend, a long walk of two hours minimum, which allows us to escape, forget the hassle of everyday life, because of the hassle, I had after having had a happy time, and young amateur rider, I had everything to succeed, but insufficient results did not allow me to get out, I had to sell all my horses, my stable, until my own house. Today, maybe hope has come back. Tonight, we wander as usual. Wolf love these long walks, Ah yes you do not know him. While making a few meters looking for clue, I came across a wrong answer, the wolf and three of these little ones had probably been shot by hunters. He looked lonely, abandoned and dirty. While making a few meters looking for clue, I came across a wrong answer, the wolf and three of these little ones had probably been shot by hunters. I then took this poor little wolf cub, fed him bottle-feeding every night. Today is old story, Wolf has become my friend. It took months and months to get the chance to have the trust of this wolf. Today, an indestructible bond unites us. Since he accompanies me every night for his daily walk.

    While we were on the way back, Wolf was attracted by some smell, what noise to call him.
    What did he find, he is not the type to be insistent, usually he comes back almost instantly, but not this time. I started running towards him.

    I called him, hissed, but no answer. Knowing Wolf's hunting instinct, I feared the worst. I did not see him coming back, usually it was not very good, he always came back, I always had this fear that something happens to him, after all, it's rare to see a wolf around, especially in France, even if they returned, but rather in the Alps. Oh, he's not coming back. Why ?.

    It is on arrival that I see the unthinkable. Wolf, he wondered what was the thing black, who moved, but what did this poor little foal alone. How long had he been there? I decide to stay a moment, he seemed scared. I know one thing, I do not see his mother, nor anyone else. I decided to stay that night at these sides. I decide to stay a moment, he seemed scared. I know one thing, I do not see his mother, nor anyone else. The next day, I decide to come back happily I'm not far from this place, so I could come back to try to bring him some heat and food. Of course, he refused to let me approach him, but driven by hunger, he let himself be guided by his survival, he finally accepted the bottle, I managed little by little approaching, even if he remains very suspicious and fugitive. I came back several times during the day he was standing, this was great news, as we all know a foal lying too long is never a good sign, little by little a link was made between us. He accepted Wolf's presence while I tried to gain the confidence of the foal, watched the surroundings.

  • Spring 2019

    Today is totally different, we are in April 2019, remember the little colt I found in this abandoned ranch, well, this ranch, I decided to retype, I demolished everything at least from the inside to rebuild everything with my own hands into something simpler, more harmonious. Only the foundations of the house remained as it is. My goal is to return to the high level by starting from scratch, if it is not a big challenge. I want to start on a new basis, and when I speak basic, it starts from scratch. No exceptional pedigree of a future Olympic champion, I leave the unknown, out of nowhere. I bet everything on the rest of my savings, I have almost nothing left, just enough to live, or survive, I think above all my animals, namely Wolf, my hybrid wolf-dog, and this foal that has grown well. He must be now 8 months old, He still has no name, I'm looking for one desperately, I had a name idea, thinking first of all to call him Hope. But we do not see much in the horse world. So I decided to call him Vasco. It sounds good. If the administrative papers for my team are validated, I can then validate it with the FFE. It will therefore be identified as Vasco AF.
    This morning, He seemed to be waiting for me.

    I enjoy the good weather to come see him in his paddock and what I see he seems to have fun with Wolf, these two have become inseparable. They spent an hour playing together before I ordered Wolf to run out of the paddock to take care of Vasco.

    Just a simply conformation training, just don't move boy, very good.

  • APRIL 17,

    Today, we enjoy a beautiful morning to visit the surroundings with Vasco and Wolf. But it's not a simple walk, no, I'm learning in parallel with Vasco to respect me. A simple job, which will teach Vasco respect, whenever he will not be in the right zone when I stop, he will have to back down. This will allow you to have it tuned, an excellent exercise for all types of horses from the youngest to the oldest.
    We left on the path of the ride for the beginning of the exercise.
    end of the exercise, rather good in this one, we take the direction of the house, I will do this care, feed him, and then return to rest.
    He is progressing well, although he has some difficulty concentrating, probably because he is still a baby.

  • Competition Committee

    Vasco and Wolf are so cute together!

  • What a pretty foal :heart_eyes_cat:


    @Rena-Cort : thank you they are especially inseparable in fact :)
    @Zatanna-Westerlund : poor foal, lost abandoned, he is much better now. Thank for him ;)

  • This is a great storyline! Cant wait to follow them along their jurney

  • I love your new album so far. Vasco and Wolf are beautiful, and it's great to see Ian back :)


    @Thea-Radmer : Thank you yes it's a long and beautiful adventure that waited for him I hope. :)
    @Samantha-Jadirea : Thank you ;)

  • In love to Vasco, he's very handsome. Want to see him in competitions! :D

  • @Ludivine-O-nells : 134/5000
    thank you for it but will have to wait until it grows a little longer and it is registered on the main site to see it in show. but thank you, me i love your horse Codex One

  • Can go back here just to look this hihi, and i know, maybe she meet Vasco one day ahah!

  • @Ludivine-O-nells : Maybe, I've always loved seeing Codex.

  • Wow what a great Story & a sweet foal

  • 21 April

    small session of longing halter for Vasco, a big first for this young weaned foal.
    Left hand, no problem, it's perfect

    but hand right... litlle problem, obviously a little problem to the other hand. he refused to change hands several times.


    finally with patience and gentleness

    a good session for him. it progresses well, it supports the halter well, the brushing, the cleaning of foot, even if one takes more time on the posteriors. he accepts sensitive areas as when I run my hand under his belly. he is very sensitive but eager to learn.

  • I really like to see these early training pictures. Vasco is getting very good training :)

  • @Samantha-Jadirea : Thank you :) he progress fast and good.

  • This morning Vasco wait for me to bring his daily ration of food with carrot supplement.

    After the breakfast, time to clean a boxe.

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