• At work ! xD
    My little Gaelic seems calm and not stressed despite the change of environment I'm very happy :) <3

  • @Eloïse-Newport said in | AHLMANN FARM |:

    At work ! xD
    My little Gaelic seems calm and not stressed despite the change of environment I'm very happy

    he was shy the first time but after the arrival of hay he quickly took his ease ;)

  • 01/12/19

      tonight here is a last-minute, Owen shetland pony. it is a mare aged of 7 years. Her name is Galadriel
      welcome to you little shrimp
      2G Team....Gaelic & Galadriel

  • Shetty! :D <3
    EDIT: Please let me know if I can borrow her for a foal at some point! :heart_eyes: I have just the right, perlino, stallion! :kiss:

  • What a cutie! :)

  • @Regina-Walker : thank you :) of course but this pony will be done for our son he will not compete with I do not think.
    @Luna-Smit : thanks :)

  • 02/12/19

    • Pregnancy Alert

    Hi everyone,
    I am alone at home, for cause, the contractions that undergoes Chloe are monitored this is why since last night I brought him to the hospital. I just got home from the hospital. Chloé is good surveillance, placed under monitoring, Owen seems restless, may be the first fruits of childbirth. If ever anything happens I'll let you know. For the time being, and after watching my little pregnant woman all night, I'll go to bed. I remain alert and you know about news to come.


  • 02/12/19


    here is the beginning of the holidays, our horses will stay a few days in the paddock quietly. they will have hay and water at will, before returning to the box only the evening before being given aupaddock in the morning and the rest of the day.

  • 02/12/19

    • Balance of competition of end of year

    About BMF Codex-One in 2019 : since its arrival last May Codex was already at a preliminary level in jumping and already had some title. but since her arrival with us she accumulated no less than 14 outings in cso. in these 14 jumping events she ranked 8 times between 1st and 5th places. in these 14 outings in jumping she ranked 6 times between 6th and 11th place. also accumulated 97 points earned in jumping, made us an amount of $ 3,200 this year. next year she climbs to Open Level 9, we hope to see it in Puissance in 2020.

    About Idéale AF : kicks off his jumping season this year. with mixed results. Nevertheless it will start the 2020s in L2 class Hopeful. Ideal won this year, 16 points in jumping and a small check in the amount of 115 $

    About Havel's Obiwan : Early season more than very promising, this young stallion by Havels Samino made an outstanding start in remarks these results. in 7 out he never went lower than 6th place. already accumulating 57 points in jumping and two Local and Regional titles this year. Also bringing the Ahlmann Farm $ 1,645 in this first year.

    About Blue Hors Kashmir : Mixed result also for our young chestnut, also collecting 7 outings this first season of jumping. cumulating that 3 good result above the 5th place in the ranking. he has nevertheless won a local champion title this year and so also won a nice check of $ 800 this year.

    global summary : years rather success with 5 titles wins 270 point in total in sj and 20.358 $ in reward

  • 03/12/19


    this morning the air is cooler, but that does not prevent our horses from being in a good mood and the freedom to enjoy just like Kashmir.


    Obiwan seems to him more curious about what is happening around. he saw the groom put slices of hay in the boxes.

    • MARES

    girls also enjoy their well deserved rest.

    • Pony Times.

    2G team with Galadriel & Gaelic

  • 03/12/19

    • LEXUS AF


    for sale HERE

  • Pretty girl(?) :heart_eyes: she jumps very well!

  • @Borja-Domecq : yes she isa good jumper :)

  • lovely horses you have there :horse: :carrot:

  • @Nicole-Loeffler : thank you, I'm slowly learning to redo my coats :)

  • Oh my little pony :heart_eyes: although Gala' is smaller than Gaelic xD so adorable both ! Gaelic love to make friends ;)

    A well deserved rest like you said ^^

  • @Eloïse-Newport : they get along very well, I leave him a few days as quiet with gala, he will resume work after Christmas.

  • 04/12/19


    During these Christmas holidays, Ahlmann Farm offers you the opportunity to have a unique gift in this month of December. 3 Lots will be put free sale, only the last hedgehog will win the lot. if you were interested, come see the first lot HERE while waiting for the end of this one, here are the three other lots ahead.

    Lots 2 : DA VINCI AF

    Lots 3 : TALOU AF

    Lots 4 : ROGUE - TWO AF

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