[WANTED] Warmblood Stallion

  • Hey guys!

    Today, i tell you help te search my new stallion!
    I can paid lot if he is my crush.. :heart_eyes:

    So, my criteria are :

    • a stalion
    • no color specified but i like if he is original (not pie)
    • with title
    • warmblood breed (KWPN or SF are privileged)
    • min 2nd Generation
    • Show jumping or eventing

    I would like if possible a photo with your proposal.
    Sorry for my bad english, i'm french..

    Nice day ^^

  • I might have this one for you :slight_smile:
    Dappled Bay Hanoverian Stallion, 46 Pts in Show Jumping, 3rd Gen, amazing Pedigree
    alt text

  • I have February breeding offers still open here.

    alt text Oldenburg Eventing Regional Champion / Show Jumping State Champion Exceptional WB stallion 2016, Premium WB stallion 2015 // 1st Gen
    MBS Ricasso
    alt text Dutch WB Eventing State Champion +2 Show Hunting bonus // 2nd Gen
    RDEC Van Victo
    alt text Dutch WB Show Jumping Regional Champion 2nd Gen
    MBS Atlas
    alt text British WB Show Jumping Regional Champion 1st Gen
    MBS Anatoile
    alt text Spanish Sport Horse CDE Eventing Local Champion / Dressage Local Champion 3rd Gen

    I also have FX Valeriano up for breeding. He's a 3rd Gen Show Jumper with an impressive pedigree, though he's just been started in showing so he doesn't have a title yet. He receives +7 bonus in Show Jumping and +8 (soon more) in Eventing. He's also a homozygous grey, so he can only produce grey offspring.

  • PR Committee

    I have a KWPN stallion, 3rd gen that offers a decent pedigree bonus. He is a regional champion.


    I have other stallions available with higher titles if you're interested!

  • Are you looking to buy or breed? I have stallions for both :)

  • You are welcome to look through my website for any stallions that tickle your fancy :) we have many titled showjumping and eventing stallions

  • Hey guys!

    Thank for you reply, your stallion seems amazing! I send pm if y chose your baby. Thank so much!

    @Thomas-Thorley Send me pm with all please, I search to buy too! :)

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