Looking for some people from ES

  • [Apologies if this topic is in incorrect place!]
    As the title says, looking for people who use the following names on Equus Sims:

    • Hannah Smiths
    • Aerys Ell
    • Vale
    • porshaa

    -> Also Cleo Swift, her horse will be ready to be sent to her soon!

    I still owe them imports, but since I haven't seen them being active on ES since even back in December, I'm starting to wonder if they're still active at all, and if it's even worth making these horses.

    If you're one of them, send me a message on ES as soon as possible to confirm you're still interested in getting a horse.

  • I know @Piper-Chance is porshaa. But idk how active they are here, I see them mainly on instagram though. ;)

  • Got messages from 3 people, still waiting for the other two, if someone is in touch with them?

  • You can find Aerys here: http://hub.equus-sims.com/thread/1300/wip-aerys

    They were last active on the 7th, so they may answer messages!

    Also Vale! http://hub.equus-sims.com/user/1545

  • I know where to find them, I took request on ES ;) I just want to make sure they see that I'm looking to hear from them even if for some reason they're not active on ES, so I'm posting this^ where I can.

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