Sims dont save?!

  • I have now rebuilded my stable 5 times, im sick of decorating the same stable over and over again Even tho it nis getting better and better

    I need help, my sims wont save, it just keep saying saving and spinning around like crazy, i tried leave the pc overnight, but it is still like that in the morning. IS there anything i can do? I have tried reinstall my game, fix my packages with s3pe, and delete cashe files.

  • Do you have free versions of the store objects in game or the store decrap fix files? If you have those in your folder, you can’t use the Buydebug cheat in-game and you’ll get stuck in the endless save loop (even if all you did was type the cheat, not even necessarily use anything from there).

  • @Alexa-la-Coupe No i dont have that, but you know, there is those featureditems that keep popping up in the folder, should i delete them before trying to save?

  • This post is deleted!

  • The FeaturedItems lag your game but they shouldn’t prevent it from saving. You can prevent them from showing up altogether by removing all permissions in the FeaturedItems folder, which will thus remove the store ads in-game.

    Your save is likely corrupt or has a conflicting mod. Do you have a backup or a previous version of the save you can go back to?

    (As a side note, in the future, I recommend using the “Save As...” option instead of “Save.” You can name your saves like [name 1], [name 2], etc., so that if Save 8273 gets ruined you could always revert to Save 8272 and fix the problem before it happens again. I also recommend saving your game on an empty lot or in Map View, to reduce the time it takes to save.)

  • @Alexa-la-Coupe Thanks, i will try and see if it works :)

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