[WANTED] Vaulting Equipment

  • Hey, guys! :D

    I love doing this vaulting stuff but it´s actually pretty hard to edit the surcingle, the pad, just everything.
    To change the clothing is ok for me, as I created a individual suit but I´m searching for someone who is interested in something new :)
    As the surcingles I know, look quite crappy in Sims, how about meshing a new one? I would help as much, as I can. Vaulting is a big part of my RL as well, so that´s very important to me.
    An example: That´s a picture I made some time ago, where I had to draw the whole surcingle on my own. That was very time-consuming and I hope, when there would be a well-done surcingle, some more people would try out this sport.


    So, I had three kinds of surcingles in my mind:

    1. S-surcingle

    It is for very professional sport in a higher league. It´s called S-surcingle because the "bonus"-holders are formed like a S.

    2. Standard surcingle

    This standard girth is made for beginner classes or children who just started. It just has this round handlers.

    3. LD-surcingle

    The handlers are formed like a L and a D. It´s not that different from the first one, just the form of the handlers. Also this one is for upper classes.

    I´d love to find someone who really wants to try this :)

  • [quote]As the surcingles I know, look quite crappy in Sims, how about meshing a new one? I would help as much, as I can. [/quote]

    Yes you are right, as it probably didn’t take the creators any effort to create the old ones for the community ;)
    You probably should try to mesh and texture it yourself, as I’m sure you can do much better.
    I wish I could help with a mesh since I was very fond of vaulting myself. But sadly I have no free time on my hands and my lesser style and experience would remain within the description of crappy :/

  • @Facha-Hasserbunde
    That wasn´t meant to sound rude or something :D But old things are made to be updated, so I wanted to ask if someone would do it.
    Yes, I would do it on my own. But I have never done this before, I would have to learn it from the beginning. That would take a lot of time and I need someone who could teach me. But if there´s someone teaching me, that person could also do it him- or herself.
    That´s actually why I made this post xD

  • PR Committee

    This is a little beyond my abilities, but I bet Sugars Legacy Stables @ Facebook (A talented creator) maybe would be able to.

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