I am new

  • Hello! I am new to this forum and main page thing. I have various questions:

    How does time work? I mean, when do horses age?
    How do competitions work and where do I find them?

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    Welcome to Equus! :smile:
    You can age you horses anyway you like it, some use 1RL month=1 year, others do 4RL months=1 year, it's all up to you how you wanna age your horses, if you even want to age them.

    Competitions can be found here and they are 100% random. You need to register your horses and within the registration form you pick the discipline(s) you wanna compete in with that horse. When that is done you are ready to start entering shows. If you have any questions about Equus life, my inbox is always open <3

  • Hello Aurora and a warm welcome to Equus.
    The typical aging system is 1 RL month is one year until the horse is four years old, then 4 RL months is one year. Through it isn't mandatory, but I think most people are using it.

    Shows you can find under the Shows section on the forum.

    EDIT: Anna was faster than me :sweat_smile:

  • Thank you both for the warm welcome! I already feel like I'm part of this

  • Welcome go Equus! :heart:
    Because I have some older horses that I'm not ready to retire. I age my horses differently.
    I want my horses to age one EC year every 0.3 RL month, until they are 4 years old. Then from then on age one EC year every 8 RL months. (I hope that's not too confusing).

    Before you can show, you need to register your horses, and if you want to register your riders (not necessary) you can find that here.

    I hope you enjoy EC! There's a wonderful staff here that will answer any questions you may have, on top of many helpful members! Myself included. I am happy to help with anything I can!

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