[Wanted] Some horses and a stud

  • Hello! I have a couple of horses I am looking for:

    • A dressage pony for a 10 y.o. rider. I have no preference towards the breed, but it has to be either a mare or a gelding. No stallions wanted, as I don't think a child (or rather - this child?) could handle them. I must add, I might be more inclined towards a lease than a buy here, as the child will eventually grow. FOUND

    • Trakehner, Malopolski and Wielkopolski horses, with a conformation made from reference. Yes, I have the templates, yes, I can make them myself, but I'd rather have some lineage going on. Dressage or Show Jumping preferred, Eventing too, but as a last resort.

    • A Trakehner and Wielkopolski studs. I am looking for one of each. Eventing and/or Show Jumping. No preference for colour, but I'd rather have them titled to pass on some points. Both mares have at least one title. FOUND

    I think that's it, if anything else comes to mind I'll write it down. I can either pay you in and in-game currency or through services of your choosing (plese, DM me here or on slack to sort out the details).

  • If a canadian horse (15.2 - 16.3 hh) can go under a dressage pony here, i got a few mares that are super sweet and easy to handle.

  • @Thea-Radmer Maybe... This way, the horse would be big enough to ride for him when he grows up too. I'll need to think it through but I'm not against it :P

    @Jade-Nguyen Uuu, I would be interested in using AWE Social Casualty as a stud. :D

  • I have a super sweet Icelandic mare that is super kind with children and was the beginner horse of the daughter of my old character. She is registered in Pony Dressage und Pony SJ and also has some competition experience, so she can be both, a great partner to learn and an excellent mount to start first competitions with the child :heart: A lease would be great, as I acutally do not want to sell her (yet), but I would love to see her active again :two_hearts:

    Also for any Trakehenr studs or broods you can look at my breeding sheet. We have all three disciplines you would like to have lineage of :slight_smile:

  • i have this beautiful boy: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=10214 who is titled to the max in eventing. i also have his son https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=15549 who i have a better picture for, if you'd like one and who is on his third eventing title.

    i also have https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=16973 who is on his third title for both eventing and dressage.

  • Development Committee

    @Thea-Radmer said in [Wanted] Some horses and a stud:

    If a canadian horse (15.2 - 16.3 hh) can go under a dressage pony here, i got a few mares that are super sweet and easy to handle.

    Just to let you know: Canadian Horses cannot be registered in Pony Dressage, or any other pony discipline, as it's a horse, not a pony :slight_smile:

  • I have connemara pony gelding and wielkopolski stalion but both of them are not registered

  • @Octavia-Ryland I know that ;) But thanks for the information

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