Multiple riders

  • Hey! So, I want to have three riders. Do I need a main site page for each of them?

  • I'm not staff but I can probably answer your question for you. You can only have one main site page which is for you as a member. More than one per member is very bad karma.

    You can have up to three stables as a member, but you have to buy the second and third ones. It's 100k each I think . All of them get attached to your member main site profile.

    You can have as many riders as you need. You can assign them to your different stables on your main site profile if you want. If you want them to get points for shows you will need to register them under Horse & Rider Registration. Mostly riders are just for role play purposes in your blog and shows. I think I have about 40, with a few more to come.

  • Development Committee

    Hi there!

    As Samantha said, only one main site per member, anymore is considered cheating and banable. (See rules here)
    For adding riders, just go here and register as many as you'd like. There is no limit for how many riders you can have.

  • Thank you both a lot!

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