Starting a blog! Tips?

  • Helloo!
    So, I've been wanting to start a blog for a whiiiile now and i just haven't really had time to sit down and do it...

    I have some nooby things that i need help with asap!

    • Putting text in the middle of the page? (centering, i believe it's called?)
    • Putting your logo at the start of the blog (I've seen many people do this and it just looks awesome)
      If you have some other tips, please do write it in the comments.

  • Hello

    For centering text you need to use >-> Text/image here <-

    For putting your logo on the start, you need to upload it to a image hosting site, I personally use imgur, but there are some other, just be sure, that they don‘t delete the pics. At the top when you are writing a post, there is a picture symbol. Click it and you automatically get the needed code, just put your image link in it.

    This might also be helpful.

  • My suggestions:

    • reserve several posts at the start for things like your logo and introduction, facilities overview, horses and riders listing and maybe a spotlight or table of contents. Plan out what you'll need before you make your first post;

    • put "[WIP] No comments yet!" in your thread title while you are doing this. People will know not to disrupt your first few posts. Put "Comments welcome" later so people know when it's ok to post replies;

    • you can use images for headers instead of trying to use code to make nice looking fonts and titles;

    • the forum posts don't do spacing and layout well, to space your pictures put three dashes between them. It makes a rule line which is not very noticeable and puts more space between them. Or use a small blank image as a spacer;

    • there's a tutorial on the markdown codes here: Forum codes - How to use them

    • make a forum signature that has your blog name and link in it. Use the same markdown code as the forum posts use. This way, when people see you post around the forum they can click the link if they want to see more of your work.;

    • if people make the effort to comment in your blog, try to reply promptly and thank them. It's not nice to feel like your comment was overlooked or not welcome.

    • Also consider checking out their blogs as well. If they were interested in you, you might be interested in them :)

    Good luck, I'm looking forward to what you come up with :)

  • Another quick question. How do you make lines between your texts, if you know what i mean xD

  • It should all be in the Forum Codes link above.

    Use three hyphens to make a rule line. --- Like that below

    One thing it doesn't seem to mention in the tutorials, the center codes and rule lines need spaces between them. They won't work if butted up against text. For a rule add an <enter> key before and after. For the center codes and a space between the codes and the text. It took me ages to figure that one out.

    You could also make a pretty rule as an image and use that. You will need to find an off-site image host for all your pics unfortunately.

  • Is it possible to center things like images in tables? For example;

    center this?

  • Yes! Your code would look like this:

    | this box is left-aligned | this is centered | and this one right-aligned |
    | :----------------------- | :--------------: | -------------------------: |
    | table content here       | content here     | content here               |

    As a side note, the number of dashes after/before/between the colon(s) in the code below the table header row doesn't matter. This is what the table looks like:

    this box is left-aligned this is centered and this one right-aligned
    table content here content here content here

  • @Alexa-la-Coupe Thank you! :smile:

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