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  • Welcome to SBA!

    Purpose of SBA
    The purpose of this club is to bring together the spanish horses in a society were we (If we want to) can help eachother with our everyday struggles and other things. All breeds that can track their roots to spanish horses are welcome here.

    Future plans
    We hope that this club can go to a size were we can be able to plan club come-together things, host club competitions were we can provide with custom club cc, and maybe provide great offers to club members.

    We would like to make a SBA club point system (All in the future! xD) and make sales for only the current members of the club.

    administrators of SBA
    At the moment i (Thea Radmer) is the only administrator of this club, but i am looking for a partner to run this club with.
    If you are interested please dont hesitate to send me a message and talk a little with me about the club, i would love that. And since im pretty new in the Spanish horse breeds, you might be able to learn me a thing or two as we speek.
    In the end, i will be the one choosing my partner, but if there is more great oppotunities i might be hosting a competition for getting in at the partnership with me and the club :)

    Have a great day, and i hope to see many of you guys out there, in the club

  • This sounds like a wonderful idea I love the idea of having a Spanish breeds group. Cant wait to be more a part of this

  • Same as Lexi :open_mouth:

  • @Lexi-House and @Vera-Alvarez
    Im glad you like the idea! I thought it was a great idea, and then i just thought, you know what, lets just go do it.
    (I still need at least one person to make this thing running)

  • @Thea-Radmer I’d like to help you with that but I don’t have any experiencie with the EC excel database archives :laughing: Anyway, I can help with anything else and with any question of course!!

  • @Vera-Alvarez Me neither, but... we may figure something out

  • I love it! I'll register some horses on the main site so I can compete as part of this association! Spanish breeds are my thing haha

  • @Alba-Moran That is just GREAT! I really hope we can make this running

  • I love this idea!!

  • I love this idea too!! :smiley:

  • I'm a little late but I love the idea as well xD And me and excel are quite good friends haha

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