[FOUND] Trakehner mare

  • I'm looking for a dam for already existing treke colt, just to put her into his pedigree.
    What I look for is:

    • trakehner mare
    • at least 2nd gen
    • competing in sj, pedigree bonus is more than welcome
    • able to throw a seal bay
    • paying fair price for right mare

  • I have a 2nd gen, bay, Trakehner mare, KLN Mimosa. She's not competed yet (but will be competing in Show Jumping), but should give points (8, I think?) coming from her parents.

  • I have a trakehner mare BMF CODEX ONE with 65 in sj and 51 in ieventing if your interested pm me :)

  • PR Committee

    I think this girl is the only one I can offer, and I'm quite clueless about genetics but I think she could throw seal bay :shrug: She's recently retired from show jumping with her international champion title and will pass 15 bonus points to her foals.

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