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  • General Guidelines

    ◊ Horses that I make may not be put up for mass download
    ◊ I reserve the right to decline a request with no explanation
    ◊ Only horses registered with Equus will be accepted
    ◊ I prefer that you send the mares file as a .sim
    ◊ Fees must be sent before the breeding takes place
    ◊ The breeding fees are set according to the way that titles have
    ◊ Please only apply via pm me with Subject title: Breeding Request
    ◊ You can only apply for a stallion one time in years.
    ◊ Use my own prefix for the foal. (AF)
    ◊ You may update the mane/tail
    ◊ I do require that they are gonna be active in show.
    ◊ If you aren't having time for the offspring i would be more than happy i get the opportunity to retake it.
    ◊ The conformation and coat should never be used as a template for another horse
    ◊ Please note: add AF in your apply to prove that you have read the rules




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