Thoroughbred, foal crops, and other breed interest?

  • I think racing needs some serious ressurrection so yes, go for it!

  • Flat Racing has pretty much died if we compare it back to 2015-2016 days, but there are a few people on it. As Ana said, what you saw in the last show is a good exemple of what it is now. Personally I do hold interest for the discipline, I have a TB competing as a flat racer myself and I think it would be a great thing to give it a try and bring it back to life.

    Thoroughbreds on the other hand often attract interest, for what I have seen around. They are a pretty flexible breed competing and breeding wise. Flashy coats are always a plus, I personally believe there is always market for quality horses, both on EC and RL.

    I haven't seen many foal crops in a while now - they were much fun back in the day!
    I don't really care for the type of sale (foal/yearling/adult) as long as I get to see the finished/adult conformation of the horse.
    Also, I always prefer to buy main site registered horses, I don't really care for the discipline registration tho - as Callixta said, it's so easy to get those completed nowadays, I don't mind to do them myself.

  • I'm racing now and tbh I'm not bothered if the racing community is small. A lot of the Thoroughbreds out there do having a racing pedigree thanks to their parents or grandparents.

    Do what you wanna do I'm sure as the Thoroughbreds progress and you sell the offspring more people might start racing them and maybe the community will rebuild itself again.

  • Development Committee

    It's so nice to see you back, Cheyenne!

    Racing has pretty much been dead for the past couple of years since 2.5 changes. I've been offering my boys for breeding and there's only ever been the OG racing people interested really. Hopefully with more people wanted to get into or back into racing, it'll get the revive it deserves. I can't wait to see your new babies! :heart:

  • I second (or thrid, fourth ? :sweat_smile: ) a lot of things said before! I have one racer at the moment and two TBs in general, but I would not be averse to get a few more racing TBs or TBs suited for other desciplines, as they prefectly fit in my Trakehner and GSH breeding program :heart:

  • I'm bummer to hear flat racing basically died, but hopefully, I can help bring it back. I have quite a few pointed Thoroughbreds I plan on selling soon as well as some planned breedings.

    Keep an eye out guys!

  • I have 8 TBs. 4 are not racers but I have not done foal crops as I want to add color to my racers. I have 3 credits waiting to be babies when I find the perfect combo. I also dont do to much due to SIMs being a pita allot

  • I have 5 TBs, but only two registered here. My two registered are both in Flat Racing as well as Steeplechase. I'm definitely interested in some foal crop and plan to make a breeding ad for my double titled TB mare soon.

  • Did someone said rare coloured TBs? :eyes:

    TBs are one of the main breeds I have in Montgomery Park, but no flat racers, since personally I have no interest in it. I used to have TB flat racers ages ago though, but as a bunch of people before me said, this discipline is not getting as much attention anymore. My TBs are mainly in the most popular three disciplines: Jumping, Eventing and Dressage.

  • @Kali-Coleman I sure did! And I have my first set of foals all done up. They are in the pasture with their moms until I can get their adult confos/coats done and ready for a sale/auction (I still haven't decided which route I'm going to take.)

    I'm also hoping that these babies will encourage people to participate in Flat racing again.

  • I've recently bought a new stable just for racing, so I'm on the lookout for new blood in flat, steeple, and harness racing!

  • I might've just downsized most my horses that I'd race, but they are up for raffle for people that would like to potentially have a new racing buddy.

  • I am very interested in adding a few flat racers to the farm.
    Unfortunately I'm too broke to buy at the momen; - but if someone has something to lease - or I'd love to be entered in the raffle.

  • @Caroline-Delacort see above n.n

  • @Cecilia-Cherny Doh! Found the raffle. ;-)

  • @Rachel-Deacon I'm so happy to hear it! :)

    @Cecilia-Cherny I believe I've put in my name for the raffle too. I'm in need of some fresh blood. :dagger:

  • I seriously need some more Thoroughbreds, so I wanna say yes! I use mine for Flat racing :D

  • @Regina-Walker yay! more flat racers!

  • I just joined, and one of the main focuses of my stable will be Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds for flat, steeplechase, and harness racing! :)

  • @Aislinn-Moore I am so happy to hear this! Welcome! :)

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