Newby in here!

  • Heya, I'm Angie Renov and with my husband Pascal Renov we run an private stable/livery stable. We both have a great love for all the horse breeds so we don't breed for our job but just for fun and not so very much as an breeding based stable or so. That's us we hope you like oure horses and us ofcourse ;).

    Irl, hey, a little problem. Since I live on myself I didn't have the money to buy a laptop or pc for Sims. So is it good that I try to draw/edit my end way? I'm more an rpg person and yes Im an personal HARPG'er. So yea I would love to be in this community. But if it can't please tell me too. Than I search to another. But because I've heard so many great things about this haha. You know maybe. But ES is just a little maybe something bigger dream of me haha. Iknow I'm a little child sometimes even when I'm 20 XD

  • Hey!

    You might find it a bit difficult as you need to be able to create and take pictures of horses in game in order to register them, and compete them. Their isn't any specific rules I know of that specify your pictures have to be from the sims 3.. but it is kind of assumed as we are a sims community :sweat_smile: You'd be missing out on a lot of what we are, including shows, sales, challenges.. etc but I don't see why you couldn't share your pictures and stories here - we all love a new scrapbook to look through.

    You'd be surprised what you can run the sims on if you are smart with managing your CC :wink:

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    What Eowyn said. You need the sims 3 and the sims 3 pets so you can make horses if you wanna participate in challenges, competitions, registration and so on. Pretty much the only thing you can do without having the game is keeping a blog.

    If you do share RL pictures tho, keep in mind that you need to follow the copyright laws. You shouldn't, for example, pick random pictures from google and post them here. You need to make sure you own the pictures you post or that you have legal access to the pictures (like buying them or using stock pictures).

  • Okay and does anyone know a forum for harpg?

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    Well if you only wanna use your own art and RPG with that, you can definitely do that here, in a blog :slight_smile: But you can't use your own art for the competitions, challenges and such. Unless the challenge specifically asks for your own art that is. I'm pretty sure that is not against the rules for challenges (don't quote me on that tho)

  • Okay, but I've had used stock free photos haha.

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