OPEN | Mearhbarrow downsizing sale | Fjords & PRE

  • Sale has ended

  • Bumping this! The Fjords at least need a new home!

  • Banned

    The horse you're applying for: MBS Valkyria
    Your name: Janne Mikelsen
    Your stable: Fareed Stable
    Your plans for the horse: She will start competing in any discipline that suits her, she will also come to a loving home
    Your offer: 10k

  • Banned

    Hi I'm sorry I have to take away my application because I'm low on money to pay 10k for her😕

  • This post is deleted!

  • Valkyria has been SOLD. The other two horses are still available.

  • Reminding people that the prices are not fixed. I do take offers that can be higher or lower than the asking price, although I'd like to hear why you think the horse is worth more or less.

  • The horses are no longer for sale.

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