[OPEN] Silverlake's import service

  • SLEC's import service

    Welcome to my first ever service on ES, here you will see a lot of imports etc. I might start making markings too, since i've kind of wanted to try it for a while!


    • Do not reupload!
    • Do not claim as your own.
    • Please keep my prefix, SLEC.
    • Have fun!

    Import services

    Blind import - 9000$

    Reference import - 11500$

    Ronan Dhall (Done.) Leila Macland (Done.)
    Nadia Kilian (WIP!) Claire Bennet (Done.)
    Eric Sobec (Done.) Nathalie Jensen (Done.)
    Cristyne Westwood (WIP! Blake Bellanaris (WIP!)
    Raven Sun (WIP!) -

    EXAMPLES - disc. some of these are horses that actually lives in the barn right now, so there might be some familiar faces here.

    Pictures Types/breeds and colors
    0_1561039909940_Screenshot-528.jpg Belgie :heart_exclamation:
    0_1561039887042_Screenshot-539.jpg Another Belgie :heart_exclamation:
    0_1561039990640_Screenshot-542.jpg Yeah you guessed it. A belgie :heart_exclamation:

    Apply here.

  • The import service is now open! If there are any issues, please contact me and i will fix them asap :3

  • Since i'm very bored at the moment, i'm giving away some free imports. ;) Consider this a summer gift.

  • Bay warmblood made for; @Claire-Bennett

    alt text

    alt text

  • she amazing, i'm tempted ^^

  • Applied <3

  • Thank you for the applies! Just wanted to drop in and say that i love seeing my horses being used. By that i mean. that i'd like at least 1 pic of them in your game! I'll be busy making imports for some time now, but i defenitely still accept applies x3 Happy horse"ing" :D

  • Black Thoroughbred stallion for @Ronan-Dhall :)

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text


    Most of the horses are in the making - but keep in mind that it might take some time. I don't have the time i used to have anymore, in another word - i'm busy. I'll finish them asap.


  • No problem, take your time and have a lot of fun with the horses :)






  • I've replaced the example pictures with some new fresh horses! I'm not offering free imports anymore, but stay tuned for more special events etc :)

  • Hellooo!
    This is to everyone who's applied for an import that hasn't gotten it yet-

    I'm going to have to ask you to submit your application again as i haven't been able to create your pons :(

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