[OPEN] Silverlake's import service

  • SLEC's import service

    Welcome to my first ever service on ES, here you will see a lot of imports etc. I might start making markings too, since i've kind of wanted to try it for a while!


    • Do not reupload!
    • Do not claim as your own.
    • Please keep my prefix, SLEC.
    • Have fun!

    Import services

    Blind import - 3500$

    "Make it yourself" import - 5500$ (reference)

    EXAMPLES - disc. some of these are horses that actually lives in the barn right now, so there might be some familiar faces here.

    Pictures Types/breeds and colors
    alt text ~ Heavy Draft ~
    alt text ~ Med-light Warmblood ~
    alt text ~ Another med-light warmblood bc why not ~

    Apply here.


  • The import service is now open! If there are any issues, please contact me and i will fix them asap :3

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