[ENDED] Ioke Lake Marking Auction

  • alt text

    • first ever markings :>
    • three channels
    • based on but not a replica of rl coats
    • custom thumbnail
    • found in back section

    • can be used on an existing horse.
    • please don't use as a base for your own marking to sell (however, may be sold with a horse :D)
    • i would love to see these in action :)
    • yes, they are named after avengers.
    • not for public upload


    name Title for column 2 alt text

    ENDGAME | SB $4000
    https://i.imgur.com/NxJsE6u.png?1 Title for column 2

    DUSTED | SB $4000
    Column 1, Cell1 Column 2 Cell 1

    ASSEMBLE | SB $4000
    Column  1 Cell 2 Column 2 Cell 2

    marking high bid bidder
    endgame $5,000 Maggie York
    dusted $5,000 Breanna Fahnestock
    assemble $4,000 Veola Loveless

  • SB on all of them <3

  • Accepted! :D

  • Accepted :)

  • Auction has entered 24ALB!

  • $5,000 - End Game

  • Congrats everyone!

    endgame goes to @Maggie-York for 5k
    dusted goes to @Breanna-Fahnestock for 5k
    assemble goes to @Veola-Loveless for 4k

    Thank you guys! PM here or on Slack to let me know where you'd prefer to receive the marking :)

  • Thank you! <3 I sent the money, and my email is in the subject line. I really enjoy the names you gave the markings!

  • @Veola-Loveless i love marvel (comics and movies) and couldn't resist, what with my love of endgame

  • Payment sent! I am happy to receive the marking on slack

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