Mestari Menestys | 6.7.2019 | More from our team!

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    Hi! Welcome to our centre Mestari Menestys! We breed warmblood sport horses and compete in show jumping, dressage and eventing. You can expect photos from our trainings, competitions and every day life.
    Comments welcome!
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    Mestari Menestys 25 Dressage
    Annie Chantal 21 Dressage
    Martina Goodman 25 Show Jumping
    Rebecca Mayer 23 Show Jumping
    Brooklyn Pierce 25 Eventing
    Isaac Cole 24 Eventing
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    MEM Sielu Stallion Barock Pinto 8 Black Tobiano Dressage Mestari Menestys
    MEM Falco Stallion KWPN 7 Buckskin Dressage Mestari Menestys
    MEM Naine Mare KWPN 10 Bay Dressage Mestari Menestys
    MEM Upea Mare KWPN 9 Bay Show Jumping Mestari Menestys
    MEM Zimston Stallion KWPN 8 Bay Eventing Mestari Menestys
    TJS Cherry Gelding KWPN 7 Chestnut Dressage Cleo Swift
    TJS Geordi Gelding KWPN 10 Grey Dapple Tobiano Eventing Cleo Swift
    TJS Frederick Stallion PRE 4 Bay Dressage Cleo Swift
    AE Waikiki Mare Holsteiner 12 Fleabitten Grey Eventing Juliet Foster
    AE Silver Army Mare German Sport Horse 8 Silver Bay Tobiano Dressage Juliet Foster
    RNS Just'n Time Gelding Russian Trakehner 5 Bay Show Jumping Leila Mackland
    Tara U Mare South African Warmblood 9 Palomino Tobiano Show Jumping Maritza Aehrenthal
    Roanoke‘s Oliver Gelding Holsteiner 8 Flaxen Liver Chestnut Show Jumping Arturo Nano Ramírez
    Cattericks Phoenixcatcher Stallion Czech Warmblood 4 Bay Show Jumping Sasha Juarez
    WSP Parion Stallion Australian Warmblood 7 Bay Tobiano Eventing Piper Chance
    KD Blake Gelding Oldenburg 9 Bay Birdcatcher Spots Eventing Kornelia Dowolska
    SSH Brie Mare Hanoverian 4 Dapple Bay Eventing Danielle Maddox
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  • My newest edit - Rebecca Mayer and Cattericks Phoenixcatcher
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  • Awesome edit and oh… Everything! :heart_eyes:

  • amazing facility <3 love the last horse

  • @Gundrun-Ward @Ian-Salvatore: Thank you so much!

    One unedited - Mestari Menestys and TJS Cherry
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  • Brooklyn Pierce and SSH Brie bred by @Danielle-Maddox
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  • Isaac Cole and AE Waikiki from @Juliet-Foster
    Older photo of my favourite mare! She is the only white horse in our team. Waikiki competes in eventing, I think cross country is her favourite. Here is with her rider Isaac training on our private cross country course.
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  • amazing edition <3

  • Annie Chantal and MEM Naine
    Another older edit. Naine is real princess in our stable. She has nice movement, so dressage suits her really well. Sometimes it is hard to work with her, Naine is typical moody mare, but I love her so much!
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  • What a pretty mare <3 Red really suits her ^^ You just gotta love those moody mares even if they give you gray hairs sometimes <3

  • You really got some pretty pons and your editing is gorgeous! Can't wait to see even more from you :heart:

  • Love your edits!

  • Beautiful horses and edits :heart_eyes:

  • @Therese-Lind @Annalena-Voigt @Lidija-Rotherford @Miranda-Gage Thank you all soooo much!

    Martina Goodman and Tara U from @Maritza-Aehrenthal
    Tara is one of our Show Jumping horses and she is pretty good at it! Sometimes has her mood like other mares, but she is brave and can jump almost everything.
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  • Gorgeous horses! I love how bright and colourful your pictures are, and I'm so jealous of how productive you are! I struggle to post a picture a week :laughing: my favourite out of all the horses you've post so far is definitely Cherry .... If she goes missing I have NO idea where she is :kissing_heart: :cherries:

  • @Eowyn-Vance Thank you so much! Don't worry, most of these photos are old :D

    Annie Chantal and MEM Sielu
    Sielu is our real diamant. His movement and personality is just amazing!
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  • Competition Committee

    Sielu is so lovely, look at that winter coat! :heart_eyes:

  • so after stalking your blog sorry for all the notifications you will get lol i can say a adore your horses!
    They are all so pretty and your editing is amazing. I think Sielu is my favourite <3
    And your facilities!! <3 can i move in? please? xD

  • @Rena-Cort Thank you!
    @Maria-Jones It is okay, thank youuu! :-D All visitors are welcome! :-D

    MEM Falco and MEM Zimston
    Say hello to our two stallions! Falco is our dressage dancer and Zimston competes in eventing.
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  • Martina Goodman and RNS Just'n Time
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  • Zimston <3 <3 <3

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