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    Welcome to the new Silverlake EC blog!

    So, hi. I've been wanting to start a blog for a whiile now so i just thought i'd go for it, if you know what i mean! I don't know if I'm going to call this a "blog", but we'll see where it takes me and my pixel-pons haha! I feel like I'm rambling a lot right now, so why don't we just start? (The first Pictures of this blog is going to be un-edited. Still waiting for my tablet to start doing it's thing again xD)

    It was an early spring morning. The birds was singing calming songs while the trees rattled in the wind. Ashley and her siblings Diana, Jack and Ari were visiting their grandparent's farm. The old yard was not very easy to see, which made it a not so pleasent view. It was covered in lots of green stuff with a hint of brown leaves. Their grandparent's didn't have much hope for the farm. They didn't have any big plans for it either, unlike the siblings. They had thought about buying the farm for a long time, even though they knew, it would take a lot of work to actually use it.

    Present time

    This week had been kind of boring. Ashley had done the exact same thing everyday. Riding the same horses, cleaning the same stalls, but for once, not having to argue with her brother every second they meet.

    Jack had been very distant recently. It was starting to get kind of weird. He hadn't been doing his stable chores for a while. Even though she felt relieved, she could still feel a little worried about him. Too much thinking. She stopped herself from thinking more about it and moved on. Since this week had been boring, Ashley went with her sister Ari to take some photo's and ride on the beach. If there was one thing Ashley loved, it was rides on the beach and taking pictures of her horses. Especially her breath taking SLEC One In A Million, Milo.

    alt text

    If you thought Ari would agree to only bring Milo, you'd be wrong. She insisted that they were going to bring her only horse SLEC Colorado.

    alt text

  • @Ashley-Lamothe I love your logo and your photos and your horses and the formatting, omg. Can't wait to see more!!

  • @Katarina-North Thank you! :) <3

  • A new face at SLEC!


    So, as the title says. We have a new face here at SLEC! I present to you, My Little Secret S, a palomino German Riding Pony. She's a Beautiful addition to our stable, and we're so happy to have her with us.

    Thank you @Jasmine-Wilkinson for this Beauty <3

    alt text

    Image by @Jasmine-Wilkinson

  • Punches In The Face

    "Everything is awesome"

    As i walked towards the i felt a cold feeling hitting me. The wind was blowing very bad today, but the sound of rain hitting the roof made me feel warm and calm at least. Not that i would feel that for a very long time, but it helped.
    Thunderstorms is something I've been scared of for ages. The thought of a lightning striking through the roof sent shivers down my spine.

    Everything was punching me in the face today. It was starting to get pretty annoying. Horses being total savages in the pastures (and in their stalls!), people forgetting things (like closing stalls ;-;) etc. Small things like that really gets me. Jack hadn't even been in the barn today for example. Where the heck was he when i needed him the most?

    Finally some peace and quiet. I was about to finally feed Milo his afternoon hay. Just as i was walking to his stall, i noticed that it he had opened his stall. I guess it was a new trick he had learned? Either way, I was on a too crappy mood to even care. All i needed was some warm horse-cuddles.

    alt text

    If you ever feel bad, just go cuddle with your horse.

  • oh i love your blog! and milo is a gorgeous boy!

  • @Siri-Kane Thank you! :) That means a lot for me <3

  • New face - again...

    I've been wanting to show you guys this amazing horse for a while. I just haven't really had the time or interest to enter sims, but since i'm here introducing him to you now, you can kind of see why i came back. Here's our one and only SLECs Czester. A real stunner, right?

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Ignore that his Hoof ran away in some of the pics :kissing_heart:

  • He's beautiful :)

  • @Samantha-Jadirea Thank you so much! <3

  • ASHLEY OMG what a beautiful grey :>>>>

  • @Siri-Kane Thank you Siri! xD

  • RDEC Amadeus

    Let me just brag a Little about this horse :heart_eyes:

    So, as usual, I bought another horse. (This is starting to get old...xD)

    Here he is!

    -> 0_1559057030391_Screenshot-361.jpg

  • He is beautiful! Is he a grey or...? :D

  • @Therese-Evans Mhm! :)

  • What a beautiful gray! His coat looks so detailed :open_mouth:

  • Lately I've been too lazy to take actual riding Pictures haha, there's some in the making right now...Stay tuned ;)

  • @Ashley-Lamothe Nice! I LOVE greys! If I could, I would fill up my stable with all greys (maybe a few roans too, lol) xD

  • It’s nice to see Amadeus go to a good home! He’s going to be so happy with you :3

  • Amadeus is so lovely! I can't wait to him in in tack, he's a pretty boy!

  • This dude…:heart_eyes:

    alt text

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