• First off, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask --

    Are we still going to see stamps showing up on our horses' main site profiles after they've been registered?
    I have a horse that's been transferred to me and she has her discipline and breed stamps to the left of her profile info.

    My other horses are all pending registration, except one who's been approved before the others, and I don't see stamps on his profile

    Again, sorry if this is in the wrong spot, and thanks to whoever helps!

  • No, ever since breed- and discipline- specific registration has closed, no stamps have been distributed. It's all centralised in one registry now.
    Your first horse was registered before this change occurred. :)

  • The right place for questions like this would probably be the Help Desk, but that's for future reference : )

    As the Associations were closed, stamps no longer appear on the main site. The stamps carried the horse's Association ID which was different from their main site ID, but since we nowadays only use the main site ID the stamps no longer serve a purpose.

    If you want to check if your horse has been registered, just use the Look-up tool and check the Submitted horses list to see if the horse has been rejected so you'll know to make appropriate changes.

  • Thank you both for the help!!

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