[Wanted] Gray Thoroughbred

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    I'm looking to add one more Thoroughbred to my roster, since one of my older horses is retiring soon. I would just breed a new one myself, but I need some new bloodlines in my herd.

    I am looking for a Thoroughbred with the following specifications:

    • Gray (markings don't matter, as long as they are realistic for a Thoroughbred)
    • 2nd generation or higher. I WILL entertain imports as long as they are of decent quality conformation and coats
    • Unnamed, as I have a name picked out that I would like to use
    • Bonuses do not matter. I'm here for the horse, not it's pedigree
    • Prefer a filly, but will look at colts as well
    • Should be racing fit

    If you have a horse that fits the above specifications, please let me know!

  • Just so I have it clear in my head, you want an already made horse, or a BIY? I've got...frankly, more greys than I'd like that can be bred, and a 2nd gen grey filly I had originally intended to sell (and still do), but when my old computer died, they all died with it. I've no problem with donating names to pedigrees and I can remake the filly (who is named but only MS reg'd, so can be changed), but it'll take me a few days between work and a computer limping along waiting for a replacement GPU.

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    @Chelsea-Noble I'm looking for a traditionally bred or imported Thoroughbred, and I'd like to keep it fully outside blood so it's not related to any of mine (as my GPU is currently dying also, and opening my game shuts my whole PC down :see_no_evil:)

  • I can offer an import just let me know if you need to see my examples of grey horses :)

  • I can bred a filly for you, but she would be first generation (almost all my runners are foundation and the rest are too young).

    Possible sire
    HT On Cloud Nine [Grey | EE/aa/GG | Foundation | 153pts Flat Racing | Retired | Profile ]
    Rockabye de Duarte [ Grey | Ee/aa/Gg | Foundation | 23pts Flat Racing | Active | Profile ]

    Possible dam
    EA Up On Utopia [ Grey (Black) | Ee/aa/Gg | 1ªGEN | 52pts Flat Racing | Active | Profile ]
    Ms Blue Sky [ Grey | EE/Aa/Gg | Foundation | 77pts Flat Racing | Active | Profile ]
    EVE Calling Bird [ Grey (bay) | EE/Aa/Gg | Foundation | 118pts Flat Racing | Active | Profile ]
    Stormbringer de Duarte [ Grey (bay) | 1ªGEN | pending registration | Active | Profile ]

    Prices depend on the choice, but no option exceeds 10k. Stormbringer can't bred with On Cloud Nine because he's her sire.

    Some examples of horses made by me (coat and confo)
    X | X | X | X | X

    Example of gray coat made by me recently
    X | X

  • Development Committee

    @Maritza-Aehrenthal Ooh lemme see your grays :eyes: I adore your TBs
    @Irene-Duarte I'm weird about my TBs and like to be as realistic as I can with them, so I only like to breed retired horses. I will keep them in mind for the future though :smile:

  • @Octavia-Ryland will send you examples when I'm home from work :)

  • Development Committee

    Small bump as I'm still looking for prospects

  • Development Committee

    @Breanna-Fahnestock How much is his fee? I may have a mare in mind

  • Competition Committee

    If you're just looking for a stud I have one as well.
    FC Afterburn | +9 Flat Racing, 9k for BIY. I'm planning on racing him until he has 200 points, he currently is at the higher end of his regional title.

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