[WANTED] Show-Jumpers and Eventers

  • While retiring 3 of my eventing horses and 2 of my show-jumpers, i noticed quite a few of my other horses are close to reaching there 200 discipline points title. In these 2 disciplines i have no new prospects to start competing with. All of my horses are level 5 and higher.
    That is why i am searching for new pospects to start competing with :)

    I'm looking for:

    • Dutch Warmblood's (Or warmblood breeds which are able to cross into the Dutch Warmblood studbook)
    • Pedigree bonus, 15 or more
    • Non-Foundation!!
    • Breedings are fine, already created horses also.
    • Stallions or mares

    Im willing to pay your price. Contact me on slack or post below if you think you have something i might be intrested in :smile:

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  • Administrators

    I'd love to help, but none of my horses give enough bonuses to really meet what you're looking for unless you have pedigree horses that you could breed with them.

  • I have lots of stallions with good points :)

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