[END 10/05] AHLMANN FARM AUCTION : Winner is...

    0_1557055890171_CHALESTA AF.png
    ES REG : Not registred.
    Mainsite : no
    BREED : Hanoverian
    DOB : 05/05/15 - 4 yrs
    COAT : Bay - Ee Aa
    Sire : Foundation
    Dam : Foundation

    Discipline 1 : Dressage
    Discipline 2 : None but at choice.

    Chalesta and a 4 year old mare. Good mental, frank, voluntary, she is afraid of nothing, if not dogs. Mare with blood, she will be perfect for the eventing, excellent pace, flexible and ample, very nice mounted, it will make the happiness of a rider looking for sensations especially in eventing.

    ES REG : Not registred.
    Mainsite : no
    BREED : Oldenbourg
    DOB : 05/05/14 - 5 yrs
    COAT : Seal Brown - Ee Ata
    Sire : Foundation
    Dam : Foundation

    Discipline 1 : Show Jumping
    Discipline 2 : Puissance

    Chemtaï is probably the most experienced of the three. Stallion with a lot of blood, a lot of influx, he will have to be mastered with a firm hand but soft with the least jerk. Horse with a lot of temperament and fiery out of his boxing. Like to be calm, the agitation around him makes it rise in pressure, even at the passage of the geldings, worse with the mares. Ability to castrate, but he may lose his passion and courage and motivation. Attentions: not to put in all hands. He will need an experienced rider. Without doubt of great capacity in power. Up to you.

  • This Auction is : OPEN


  • Omg. I dunno why I've been dying to get a horse from you for ages but feel like I need one now with this opportunity...



  • @Maritza-Aehrenthal : accepted

  • Extented hourss for this auction... this open it's open until 19h (7pm)

    Reduced price for Chalesta AF 500$

  • SB Chalesta AF


  • @Rachel-Deacon : accepted :)



    For : Movistar AF - @Maritza-Aehrenthal - 1.000$
    For : Chalesta AF - @Rachel-Deacon - 500$
    For : Chemtai AF - @Maritza-Aehrenthal - 1.000$

    PM Me send me by email your email address and the payment on the main site.

    Congrats @Maritza-Aehrenthal & @Rachel-Deacon

  • 0_1557052495933_Haxdelion_Sales.png

    the sale ends at 12h - 27/05/19
    Please add "AF" to prove that you have read the rule in your app.
    small changes of coat allowed
    do not upload / download
    please contact me if you have always wanted to sell the horse, because I could buy it back
    missing markings may / should be replaced by similar markings
    Starting bids 500$

    0_1558695210905_YEOVIL AF.png

    ES REG : Not registred.
    Mainsite : no
    BREED : Swedish Warmblood
    GENDER : Gelding
    DOB : 25/05/15 - 4 yrs
    COAT : Chestnut - ee/aa
    Sire : Foundation
    Dam : Foundation

    Discipline 1 : Dressage
    Discipline 2 : None but at choice.

    "Vil" A real tornado when it was whole, with a lot of character, it bit, tapped, turned, in short a real chaos, we had the castrated. Since, he shows all his potential, a good back, a good amplitude in his stride, it will be perfect for a rider looking for a dressage horse.

    0_1558695558390_YEOVIL AF1.png

  • Date extented at 30/05/19

  • Date Extented at 30/06/19

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