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    Harbledore Acres is a top-class home for exceptional horses. For many years Francis Verbeek von Roy, a talented competitor and highly esteemed trainer, has developed a small farm into a modern facility of high standard. The main activities of Harbledore are training and competing in English disciplines. A lot of attention is drawn to match riders and horses. Our staff, with their high experience and knowledge, does their best to meet the expectations of every customer. Anyone who buys or leases a horse in Harbledore will get support and help with training. We also focus on developing the talent of riders. Every year a number of young ambitious riders come to our stable to get a unique experience in training, competing and education. Many of our students choose equestrian as their future career and successfully compete at international shows. Breeding is on the second place in Harbledore, yet we have several bloodlines of different warmbloods to choose from. All our stallions are carefully selected with the aim of developing breeding. They have shown good results in competitions and have kind and friendly characters.

    Valegro and Mary January, 12, 2017
    LMEC Afternoon Tea January, 21, 2017
    Aries Annual Breeders Showcase February, 12, 2017
    Casanova at Aries Show February, 14, 2017
    Causal at Kendall County Spring Horse Show February, 27, 2017
    Kendall County Spring Horse Show, pt. 2 March, 5, 2017
    Kendall County Spring Horse Show, pt. 3 March, 9, 2017
    To Make You Feel My Love March, 15, 2017
    Home Again March, 17, 2017
    Instatime March, 19, 2017
    Lametta May, 1, 2017
    Valegro August, 29, 2017
    Mondegreen October, 1, 2017
    A Glance in the Past October, 3, 2017
    Poseidon and Carrie October, 6, 2017
    A Pas-de-Deux October, 8, 2017
    Afternoon Tea October, 15, 2017
    Horse&Hound Interview October, 29, 2017

  • stallions
    Dimanche du Tussock Selle Francais Chestnut Dressage (retired) None Yes ($40.000)
    Quetsch d'Auroy Selle Francais Bay Dressage None No
    Valegro HA Dutch Warmblood Bay Dressage None Yes ($35.000)
    Salinero W Hanoverian Black Dressage None No
    LEC Checkmate Hanoverian Bay Dressage None No
    Call Me Casanova II BN Hanoverian Black Eventing Show Jumping Per request
    Replay d'Auroy Selle Francais Bay Eventing Show Jumping Per request
    Rokeby HA Swedish Warmblood Grey (bay) Eventing Show Jumping Yes ($40.000)

    ILA Juste Coquette Selle Francais Bay Dressage None Per request
    LMEC Lametta Selle Francais Black Dressage None No
    Eretria's Quiana Dutch Warmblood Bay Eventing Dressage No
    Call Me Casual W Hanoverian Bay Eventing Dressage No

    LMEC Tanzania Danish Warmblood Grey (black) Show Jumping None Christina Lindblad
    LMEC Caramel Swedish Warmblood Chestnut Show Jumping None Christina Lindblad

  • Harbledore Acres has recently accepted a new student from Harptury College for our experience exchange programme. Mary hasn't got her horse to work with, so for now she rides everyone for a bit. She has proved herself to be a very talented and responsible rider, and recently she was allowed to ride Valegro HA. No need to say that she was over the moon :blush:
    alt text

  • hopes that comenting is allowed :o
    What a lovely picture for the start <3 Valegro is looking awesome :D Good Luck with your student :3 ours are a sort for themselves xd

  • @Erika-Holmfirth thanks a lot! Our students do their best, because the requirements are really high :wink:

  • Love this picture and the very warm brown tone in the background! And Valegro is of course stunning as always <3

  • Oh Valegro, he is such a beautiful horse! You just know what works with him and it really shows! Which dressage saddle is that by the way? :heart:

  • OOOH your blog looks amazing! :heart_eyes: Pretty Valegro working hard with Mary :grin:

  • I'm sad I missed your join.me, if I heard it correctly in the general chat! Would've loved to watch you edit this stunning photo :heart_eyes:

  • I am SO happy to have a direct son from Valegro HA! He looks top, I'd be over the moon as well!

    Amazing editing, I was in your join.me for a short time but the amount of time you put into detail is something I personally don't have always patience for. Great job!

  • Lovely Valegro! <3 He looks great as usual and your edit is flawless! :heart_eyes: I have notice that his daughter Flirt looks more and more similar to her dad so it will be so fun and exciting to see how she develops when she's older <3

  • This looks SO AMAZING! I'll just sit here and stare at the edit for a bit, ok?

  • @Iris-Hammel thanks a lot Iris!
    @Alice-Palmer thanks! That's a saddle by Salimana, you can find it at Russian ES.
    @Jasmin-Mikaelson thank youuu <3
    @Mandy-McAvoy don't worry, I'll host more joinmes. I'm already thinking about the next picture, but need to build the arena for it first :D
    @Lidija-Rotherford thank you! I'm already quite impatient too but on joinmes I try to do my best^^
    @Christina-Lindblad thanks Christina! I hope Flirt will be that successful too one day <3
    @Nadia-Kilian haha, thanks! Fell free to sit here as long as you want :D

  • Seriously your horses kill me <3 They are just amazing! Valegro is stunning and your editing is so REAL! :D
    Casually walks away with a HA horse

  • It's no secret that your edits are my absolute fav. I think I'm going to live here now :innocent:

  • @Erin-Cooke hahaha thanks!
    @Quinn-Monroe thank you <3

    LMEC Afternoon Tea, my promising eventing mare from @Christina-Lindblad :star:
    alt text

  • she really beautiful

  • @Nina-Ricchi thank you!

  • I love her name and she's really beautiful nice edit ! :)

  • What a beautieful mare :heart_eyes: and a really nice edit!

  • Lovely mare, and beautiful edit :smile:

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