WIP [ENDS 24h ALB] AQH Auction

  • Welcome to Southern Vale Performance Horse's auction! We haven't done one of these for awhile but thought it was time.

    We have anywhere from race bred horses to pleasure horses - AQH only!


    • Do not reuse the horse's template or coat.

    • Please do not edit the conformation of the horse.
      You may, however, make minor tweaks for posing purposes or things such as conditioning and pregnancy, if needed.

    • Base coat color and markings cannot be changed. Shine/shade markings can be slightly altered but not added or removed.

    • Feel free to change the horse mane and tail style (not color).

    • I will not be hunting for markings for you, sorry (unless custom). It is just very tedious. I have almost all markings available to the public.

    • Do not remove/change my prefix (SVR, SVRS or SVP).

    • Payment must be received before any files are transferred.

    • Please keep this horse active and showing. I don't require the horse to be shown at every single event, but I will ask that if you aren't going to show or use these horses at all then please sell them on to someone who will.

    • Please notify me if you intend to sell the horse so I can keep track of it and any of it's progeny.

    Sale List Starting Price Sold
    1. SVR Vintage Enemy (Grullo Frame Overo AQH stallion, EE aa Dd Ov) $15,000
    2. SVRS DynaMora (Palomino AQH filly, ee Aa nCr FF) $10,000
    Adding onto this later on, have to get pictures done


    SVR Vintage Enemy SVRS DynaMora
    ![alt text](picture here) ![alt text](picture here)
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