[Ends 5/15] Grey Coat Auction

  • So Octavia gave me an idea with looking over my grey coats.

    So I made some...

    Don't claim as your own or mass up load
    Can be put on as many horses as you want
    Can add whatever white markings you want on them
    Shine/shade and detail markings can be added, remove, or re-adjusted
    Dappling can be played with but would prefer them not to be
    Horses are sent on a random template of mine

    Starting Bid: $5,000
    Auto Buy: Enabled

    Grey Coat #1
    Bay Base
    alt text

    Grey Coat #2
    Black Base
    alt text

    Grey Coat #3
    Chestnut Base
    alt text

  • tiny bump

  • Bay Base SB <3

  • Bids accepted

  • 4 days left

  • Auction ended, congrats to the winners.

    @Veola-Loveless wins the Bay Base
    @Breanna-Fahnestock wins the Chestnut Base

    Pm once you have sent payments so I can send out the files.

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