{Looking For} Dressage Horses

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    Well, since everyone else is doing it :sunglasses:

    I'm specifically looking to purchase one or two Dressage pons for my team. My Dressage group has always been a little small and funky because I dual-compete so many horses in either Eventing/Dressage, or Show-Jumping/Dressage, and I don't have many horses that do just... Dressage standalone :P

    So that's what I'm after! I'm really gunning for horses that only do Dressage and nothing else. Pedigree is preferred and will be noticed over foundations. Points not necessary, I'm looking to avoid breedings but I'll take a look at what you offer regardless :D

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    I don't have any for sale at the moment, but I'm always up for doing a breeding from a pair of mine (even though you said you'd like to avoid it Ima offer it lol) Link to my roster
    I'm a lean, mean, fast breeding machine so you wouldn't have to wait. The extreme majority of them are active and pretty.

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    @Blake-Bellanaris :eyes: I shall go hunting :laughing:

  • I have 2 dressage Hanoverians which are looking for a new home. DM me if you're interested :slight_smile:

  • I am currently looking to sell an Andalusian stallion, RDEC Glorioso and an Akhal-Teke stallion, SME Dark Night, both of them only compete in dressage and Glorioso has two titles in Dressage already.
    These are links to their profiles; RDEC Glorioso: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=22105
    SME Dark Night: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=25222
    Message me on Slack if you are interested in one or both of them.

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