How Would You Change Equus?

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    Hello Equus! I wanted to offer our members the chance to voice their opinions on how exactly they would make changes to Equus to make it the ideal community. We always have the feedback form open, but this survey is explicitly for you to speak up if you've had an idea or a concern to voice about an aspect of the community. I am not making any promises that any of these ideas will be implemented, but they will all be reviewed.

    Please fill out the form below to submit your ideas. You are welcome to submit them anonymously, but if I like your idea and would like to speak to you more about it in depth I will need to have your name.

    Some things to consider before submitting:

    • Is your idea something that the staff have the power to change?
    • Does your idea require a realistic amount of staff time and energy (isn't too demanding of our volunteer staff members?)
    • Who does your idea benefit?

    Submit Your Idea For Changes here

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