March Leaderboard Changes

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    Hey Equus, a few changes for you!

    2.0 Transfer Caps Ending

    As you may be aware we've recently run into size-related issues with the huge Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping leaderboards.

    @Kassidi-Coy-Lutz said in Leaderboard Update 2/16/2017:

    Hey everyone,

    Today we encountered a problem with the Dressage leaderboard where it had hit a google docs size limit and become unable to read show results. In order to fix this problem all 2016 shows had to be totalled into one. While this solution has kept every horse’s points and current level intact, it does unfortunately mean that the entries and placings counters have been reset, so all horses are squarely back at their current level, instead of being half-way to the next level etc.

    Since this problem is related to the size of the leaderboards we will be totalling 2016 shows for Eventing and Show Jumping as well to avoid any potential downtime (we would hate for this problem to happen during a show!) This will occur over the next 7-10 days, taking care not to conflict with any open events.

    So far we only have plans to take this action on Eventing and Show Jumping. No other disciplines are currently large enough to be at risk of hitting this size limit.

    Thanks for understanding as we sort this out.

    During this fix we ran into an unavoidable bug involving some horses having been advanced beyond their breed cap, which is due to the feature we had during the transfer which allowed horses who were competing during 2.0 at a level above their 2.5 breed cap to keep that higher level.

    Due to the additional complications caused by this feature, as well as the overdue normalization of this, we are removing this feature. The result of this is that all horses will be restricted to their breed cap, which is what we are all used to.

    Change in Pedigree Bonus

    Equus 2.5 has been up for one year, and during that time we've received some really great feedback regarding our pedigree bonus system, which we're finally able to address.
    The two main points made (repeatedly) are as follows:

    • Without T shows, earning points is too random.
    • Our system leaves no room for career broodmares / stud stallions

    In response to the first point, we are raising the maximum amount of pedigree points to 25, where it was 20.
    In response to the second point, we have decided to remove the rule of pedigrees which limits the effect of all grandparents pedigree bonus to 5. This means that a horse with three +5 grandparents will inherit 15 bonus points instead of 5.

    In practice this means a horse can receive +5 from any horse in its recorded pedigree, and the overall pedigree is then limited to 25.

    This enables career broodmares / stud stallions of good bloodlines because their lack of competitive career will not hinder the offspring by leaving them without a precious parent pedigree. Instead the pedigree offered by the grandparents will enable the offspring to still reach higher bonuses. This allows for roleplay opportunities of horses who compete casually or not at all, injured horses who retire early, or simply career breeding horses, without damaging their ability to produce high-pedigree foals.

    Thanks for your patience as we make these changes, which will be complete within 24 hours of this post.

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