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  • So, I wanna practice facility planning and world building, with that I want to create maybe one or two world (including building plans) to put up for auction. I wanted to quickly ask around and see if that's something people would be interested in, what type of world and stables I should plan out and a rough estimate of a starting price for auction.

    Generally speaking I make large worlds with a lot of detailing around the facility. The worlds aren't functional other than it's intended purpose of photo taking. Though because of that, they're generally very scenic.

    My current worlds I made and am actively using:

    Huntingdon Racing Yard (2019)
    Based in the UK

    alt text alt text
    alt text alt text
    alt text alt text

    More photos in my scrapbook

    English Yew Equine Centre (2018)
    Based in the UK

    alt text alt text
    alt text alt text
    alt text alt text

    More photos in my scrapbook

    English Yew Equine Centre is a remake of Quainton Stud, and Huntingdon Racing Yard is completely designed by me. I personally really love making the tiny and quaint stables like Huntingdon since they're more fun to plan out take photos in imo. However, I'm open to suggestions. I'd love to know the general box-count and pasture count people want, starting-price in auction, and if people general want to use one of my worlds. Input in greatly appreciated!

  • i'm interested

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    I am super interested!

  • I'd also be very interested! I tend to use smaller worlds to not slow down my computer too much.

  • I'm interested

  • I’m glad to see peopel interested! but i still need input on what kind of stables I should make and a general starting price range

  • @Ian-Salvatore oooo lovely ideas Ian, it’s nothing out of the usual for me haha! I think the price is a little too low for my liking since it usually takes a couple days for me to complete a world- but i’ve no issue with making something similar to what I usual make it thats what people are interested in

  • @Marquis-Moulin : I rely on the fact that it is small stables, hence the low price.

  • I also would be interested, hopefully you will list the used CC. :see_no_evil:

    I think that the starting bid would be to low with only 20k. I have absolutley no clue how much the SB should be, but I think the absolute minimum should be 50k.

  • @Ian-Salvatore im planning an designig the stables myself, world creation can take a full day or two to complete, 10k is like the price I’d put on a complex marking I spent like 30 minutes on, but thanks for the input

  • @Jase-Sunshine no cc will be used when creating the worlds :)

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    I really like this idea; personally I would have no use for it since I make / edit my own worlds and barns but I always enjoy seeing the worlds other people create. I really admire the two you posted as examples in this thread, especially living in England too, I can say you did a great job on the rural look of them :) I would definitely suggest something along the 50-60k line as a starting bid and for those who think it's a lot of money, it's quite possible they don't understand and use CAW, and don't fully appreciate how much time and effort it takes to create a world, but to me that seems a fair starting price :slight_smile:

  • I also think this is an amazing idea as I‘m reaaaally picky with the worlds and most of them don‘t fit my building ideas. Currently I have a world which fits good to my stable but I would love it to have a world like where your English Yew Equine Center is built. I love the design of this world (and I want it please lol). :heart_eyes: :100:
    But sadly I can‘t afford a custom world because I don‘t have enough money at the moment! :(

  • Your worlds are super lovely, especially English Yew, it's so neat, but also so realistic! :heart: So I would also be interested. Pricing wise I think I'm not a good help, because I also have no clue, but as suggested before, I think arround 50k sounds good as starting bid :smile:

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